Can what fills

Be substituted

Or is it so specific

That when taken away

Life becomes a sort of


Still moving

And breathing


And sleeping

But unable to sparkle

Unable to give that love away

What if day after day

What should be filling

Is out of reach

Is it better to keep grasping

Or is it better to forget

That there is something that fills

And instead go on






And wishing all this time could go away?

Between Me and You

You placed graceful sunrise

Between me and you

For raising eyes to you

Would have meant the end of sight

And in the same way

You gave me chanting music to carry me through the night

Your whispers would have made me deaf

And their wrinkled hands to hold

Were the only way to feel your love

All beauty here on earth

You have given me

The closest I will get et to knowing


(If you were to rise in front of me

To sing to me,

To let yourself be held

I would no longer exist 

And these stories of our beauty could not be told).

Missing You


Now at home,

Within this space of missing you

I heard your voice sing

(of my betrayal)

Could I be confused

Or could it be

That something so much greater than me,

A mountain,

Is longing right back in my direction

That after so many hiking years of devotion

Sunrise and grateful tears

Hopeful prayer and

Daily celebration of your flower bloom and bird call

That somehow

You now miss my feet

And in this absence

Are aching too

For sunset trek that meets the moon

And our shared chanting whisper,

Draped in crow fly and twilight,


(That we may all sleep a little easier)”…

Could it be,

That just as I love you,

You have come to love me?


The mountain after the fire winter 2017 and the mountain last year April 1, 2019:


Our Ship Just Arrived

The mayor stood

And as a poet would

Described the ship as

“Mercy, on the water,

Mercy, at the bedside,


The expression of which

Is as people at this moment”

And I thought of all good

That is showing up,

As if sailing on sparkling ocean tide,

Behind all of our doors

And inside grocery stores

And assisted living facilities

Human beings rising on glorious waves

To move through these most precious days

As soft shining cleansing Mercy

Teachers leaving classrooms

To land,

a reassuring glow of hope and wisdom,

Across children’s computer screens

The man who spends his extra time

To push a broom

And to make some clean, sterilized room

For our fresh fruits and vegetables

And all those women

Crying salt trimmed tears

Who bare their own fears

To flow on

Moment by moment,

Glorious pools of love and kindness


Caring for our dear elderly

Could it be

That Mercy has just arrived

Upon all of our shores…


mercy (1)








Dream Work

Since quarantine

Life is playing out more in dream

Than day to day

Greeting more people

In that swirling place of subconscious thought

When all the others are just me

And so since quarantine

I’m left living constantly in that dream

Playing out the most recent night’s gift

Remembering all the words that were said

The words that appeared to come from others

But that only played inside my own head

And to feel that anxiety

That was going to work without my shoes on

Or watching

As if a fly on the wall

While the boss

Made my impossible new schedule

And to find some meaning

(to my life)

When out of work

(Becomes dream work).


Dear One, Take Flight!

Who knows how to jump into that sky called destiny?
But when those who live light of heart
Become aware of what may be
(only their’s to see)—-
Close your eyes
Reach out your hands
Fall on bended knee
Receive your rainbow trail toward love
That perfect glowing revelation
A deep knowing of your right direction
Then leap
Who knows how to fly through that sky called destiny?
But those who practice clear,strong sight
Cherishing each new show of love
Like the only brilliant star in a deep cool night
Close your eyes
Reach out your hands
Fall on bended knee
Be carried by your rainbow trail
That perfect, glowing occupation
Spend your days engaged in that sparkling vocation
Then sleep.

Sadie’s Fall

It was just at that moment
When Sadie declared mastery
That her right ankle turned in
And she heard a quick crack
Her whole life changing
From new joy filled success
Into an abrupt abyss of unknowing
So as Sadie sat
In cool gravely dirt
A new, low normal
Where those things she had always counted on
(Even before she felt so great)
Came to a break
Just like not having her leg to stand on
In one quick sweep
Sadie lost her way
Dear One,
When life changes in a moment
From seemingly good to very bad
The best thing to do
Is take inventory of all the great
You have ever had
Then paint that you
Within your heart
You can’t lose your mastery!
For with hardship
You only gain the chance
“In this life there must be even more to Be!”

Upon Hearing She is Leaving the Race

How much heartache can young girls take
As role model
After role model
Come to that halt
That wall
That ceiling
That floor
(Carve them their door
Open it with ease
And send each girl out into their own sun
As they glisten
As they speak their peace!)

My Eyes Know How

When fear creeps in

My thoughts forget how to find love

But my eyes know how


When he stopped wanting me

My body forgot how to receive love

But my eyes know how


When you described the pain you are in

There were no words on the tip of my lips to offer love

But my eyes know how


When depression sits inside my heart

I forget how to chant, to sing out in love

But my eyes know how

Dear One,

No fear or frustration

No grief or depression

Can extinguish the eternal spark of your soul

And when all else fails

Please take faith in that Light

And those windows–

May your eyes always know how!



The Smallest Voice in the Room

Maybe you weren’t shy


You were waiting


For some silence

So you could go inside

And come out

Those glittering words

Not found

In everyday conversation

Or alive at the party

But within heartache and breath

Within sigh

Or just one gorgeous blink of their eyes

Waiting to be found


For the just sound

Of your voice


Maybe you weren’t shy


The truth was waiting

For someone who was really good at listening

For someone who was really good at holding space

For the kind of gentle pace

The Divine uses

For priceless musings

Maybe you weren’t shy


The crowd was just cheering,

Because they waited to be blessed

By the kind of song

Only you could come to possess

Maybe you weren’t shy


You are like the light on the sky

And everything else that gives this life

Its precious meaning

Not loud or fast

But soft and sure

God’s thought

The ocean tide

Your words

The waves landing on the shore.

This Morning In Politics

This morning I woke up to see

That righteous anger pushed deep

So hidden inside me

Was out

Quaking and breaking the rocks on the hill

An avalanche to see

This morning is when

I realized

The president was me

And the extra pounds

I was carrying around


No longer hidden underneath soft blue flannel

But up there

In a white golf shirt on TV

My righteous anger

The extra pounds

The shame

This morning there has been a change

I will not call the president by any other name

For he is only president

And I am those extra pounds

I am the shame

Can I turn my anger into authenticity?

Can I give this fat it’s proper name?

Can I love myself once and for all?

Can I leave righteous anger from my game?

For it had nothing to do about a president

This avalanche I woke up to see

It has everything to do with my righteous anger

That keeps the sun from shining

On the hill beside of me.


I hold you in a sacred container

I hold you in your honesty

I can hold you in this rage

And I already hold all the colors

Your child fingers left

On that page

I hold your unique beauty

And I hold each day

When you came to the ridge to pray

Your intention became mine to hold

Until your time to rest…

So now that you are old,

May I return

(one thousand fold)

All the peace that you have given

Now wrapped up in the warmth of this soft blanket

And the steam unfurled from hot, sweet tea

May you find again

The exquisite joy amongst each memory

You may have forgotten

(All of them will always rest

Deep inside with me)

Your life

Not a test

Still you gave so many answers

Like why we love

And why we come to search above

For this heaven

(And when it is your time

To stop receiving,

To stop breathing,

Know that what you have taken

Could never be mine

But was

your gift

And by eternity ever will be shapen.)


I love you.



The beauty of a gentle new path taken (after loss)


Faith is like the flower growing in the light, grace is the light that finds and nourishes that particular place in the soil.



Tonight is for finding things there and not there at the very same time


Sadie and the Divine Feminine

Sadie spent time

Watching others use their building blocks

To climb

One piece of colored wood above the next

Clear lines


And even though she admired

Their smarts and their faith

She knew she would not join them

For Sadie could build only when the wind told her

Using blocks of wildflower

And bird call

Like a light from above

Told Sadie when

It was time to love

Or when she could finally sleep

(Sadie knew

She had been born

With no strength to climb

And the kind of reason

Like whispers from the clouds

And a song for every season.)

Could it be that God and Mother are one?

We cannot share death

We go into that space on our own.


We share birth so surely connected to another

Our mother is with us for our entrance into this world

Yet we cannot share death

It is our path to greet our death alone.


Or could it be that God and mother are as one?


That she gives us birth into this world

And when we are ready to leave the earth

God comes and takes our mother’s place

And joins with us like that chord from our belly to her womb.


Could it be that I will come to see his face

As I first saw my mother eyes

So softly held in her arms?


What will that warm, sweet milk taste like?


Where will be my next home?

Gratitude Prayer

I have been fortunate

Light has played for me

In my ears

As gentle bird song

And across my eyes

As sunrise and sunset


It seems it would be easy to forget

That light doesn’t always come to play

That a day may grow so dark

I will begin to wonder

If even

One spark of yellow flame

Will be left for me to

Warm my cold heart under

And so,

Each time I praise the light

May I never forget to also see

The way darkness falls around my home

Just like storm clouds come to live

Out over the sea

And may I vow to use this day

For precious healing

Of any wound I find aching

In this place

And may I continue to use my voice

In precious gratitude

For the light

As bird call and

sunrise and sunset

(The sweetest gifts always come to play

By Grace!)


A Truth in Long Term Marriage

There are traditions

That sometimes seem

To defy reason

But once followed

Reveal a truth

So precious it could only have been found

In the execution of something

I was told to do

But didn’t always believe in

That has been the case

With marriage

For it has been

In long term marriage

That I have come to receive

What I never expected

I have come to receive

A certain beauty

Of a touch that carries in it

So perfectly


Of mistakes and forgiveness

Worship and bliss


Of equanimity, frustration,

Fear and happiness

All wrapped up

In the warmth and smell

Of a touch

That is most familiar

(A touch

I have experienced

More than any other!)

A truth in long term marriage

Is that there can never be

Another lover

Who has a touch

That carries in it so much about love

(So much about being human

And so much about the world above!)


The Risk in Gifts and Skill

What would I be

If somehow

My biggest gift

Was taken far away from me

What if I could no longer


The very thing that makes me


And what then

If everything I value

Was somehow lost

What if I was left with just me

Me with no frills

Me with no particular talent or skill

What if I was just


Here without all the things

I have learned to hold so dear

I think maybe

My heart would pump

And my mind

Might be so much more


In fact I think

I might finally know—

That anything I do or say

Will be enough

That to be just me

Will be enough

That the real reason

I have always been


Is so simple

And so true

I am


To be love


I am here to be love

With you.

Sadie’s Rocking Chair

As Sadie grew

She saw God in trees

And then

When Sadie was old enough to work

She found God in faces

That was,

Until mid-life

When the faces grew dark

And Sadie had long forgotten

Light seen in trees

At mid-life,

Sadie would find God again

By falling to her knees

So it wasn’t

Until her hair turned grey

And she could no longer

Get down on her knees to pray

That it was God

Who went looking

For Sadie

(And God found her

Right there

God found Sadie

Sitting with all

Sadie ever really needed

For all Sadie ever really needed

Was Sadie

Right there

Sitting alone

In her own perfect rocking chair.)

The Risk in Sacrifice

Dear One,

Try not to choose

Against your soul wish

For every time you do

A small piece of regret

May fall to live inside you

May find a spot

Way down

Close to your heart

Where it can only grow

To push against

Pure heart beating

Dear One,

Try not to choose

Against your soul wish

For regret may come to live

Regret may limit

All the love you have to give


Dear One,

Any time you have

A sweet choice to make

Take a deep breath in

Feel  pure heart beating

Then remember your soul

Remember the reason you are here

Know the reason you are living

Dear One,

Whenever you have

A sweet choice to make

Breathe, feel and remember

Then do what it is that

Your soul knows is right

(Keep your brave heart


Wildly beating)!

How to Be with Unmet Needs

Dear One,

If you have to wave your arms

Furious in the air

To get your needs met

Fill your heart with love

And hold onto the stars instead

You can’t let go of your needs

But you can also hang onto that star

Trailing sparkling stardust

Showing just what your needs are

Now hold on for dear life

Be that solar flare

Or the comet racing by

Just don’t wave your arms

Furious in the air

(Do a fine dance through the sky

As the heavens come to open

And fall straight into your eyes)

Dear One

Your face will surely glow

As you get your needs met

God will always provide

God is your safety net

You never need to worry

Or wave precious arms in the air

You just need to know

What to trust

Then take yourself

Flying through the air.need

Sadie’s Stare

When Sadie was young

They taught her to smile

When she met someone

For Sadie had been born

With a look

Very serious

They worried that


Might think something

Was wrong

(Instead of what

Was really going on

That Sadie cherished

Deep thoughts

And what

She found to be important)

Instead of knowing

That in her own sweet way

Sadie would be giving

They worried that others

Wouldn’t like to be

Greeted by Sadie’s

Quiet, concerned stare

And so they told her

Over and over


When you meet them”

Then as Sadie would greet them

She would use so much energy

Pushing down her urge to stare

And remembering to make her lips curl

And her eyes twinkle

That she forgot

The very thing inside her

That gave her

Her special sparkle

(A love for all things


And all things personal)

Concentrating so hard

To act like the others

Sadie would awkwardly grin

As she lost her perfect ability

To find another’s pain within

Sadie put a happy look on her face

And kept it there

In a game so strange

Soon each “hello”

To someone new

Felt like a mission



And worse than this discomfort

Was a sad truth

That Sadie had forgotten

What she was born

To know was important–

That in every room

Would be someone

Who didn’t need smile

But a pair of deep eyes

To look into

So that they could

Share something

They had been waiting

To share

With just the right person–

The person who was born

With a  perfect,

Quiet, concerned stare.

Sadie Learns to Listen

Sadie was finally getting the

Hang of it—

She would never ask a question

Without grabbing that big stick

With the equally big net

Attached to its end

So that when she would stand

Face to face

Across from her friend

She could hear the answer

As words in the air

But also use her big net to snare

All the rest of the environment

Swirling around them

So as Sadie was engaged

She listened to the sound

And used her net

To make sure and catch

Every other vibration and tickle

Just like they were clues

Pieces of a puzzle

That just one question could create

For it wasn’t only what

Sadie was asking

But what her friend was waiting to hear

And what he needed

To get off his chest

So Sadie finally learned to

Take great care with her net

She treated every question

Like it was a test

What could her friend be hearing

And what was the reason

And the hope

In the answer that he gave

For while Sadie may have had a question

Her friend had the world of his own to tell

That if Sadie spent her time

Just hearing the answer

She had been looking for

She might miss

Swirling in the sentence her friend gave her

The angels and the dreams

That were so waiting to give

And this is how Sadie wanted to live

With all the possibility of love

Caught and revealed

In her big net

She learned to cast from above.

What She Was Keeping Bottled Up


But not too much

For they may want a ripple

And I see you

You are about to erupt

To spew

All the love you have been keeping

Held close to your center

In that quiet covert cavern

All concealed

Corked up

They want you to change

But not too much

And you know

It will be an eruption

That nothing that was

Is safe

That everything will be covered

Not with thin sparkling stream

But as if there were a fury fire

Falling from the heavens

Keep it slow

Ease them into

What will be a catastrophic blow

(When she decides to change

To let it all go

There will not be a trickle

But an explosion).

Sadie’s Secret

Sadie had heard

The urge

It said,

“Just let go”


Sadie wondered

What was so wrong

With hanging on

She felt her heart

And her arms

Had been made to do it

So just as she had cradled

Her babies

Sadie nursed her dreams

Shielding them

From the view

Of the rest of the world

As Sadie’s dreams

Took time

To suckle and grow

Others questioned

How Sadie could keep her

Eyes pin point

Staring ahead of herself

Sadie ignored

Almost everything

While seeming to bask

In motherly glow

While this confusion

Fell about Sadie

She knew

She had found her secret

For Sadie had learned

How to stay attached

To her dreams

Just as she had held her children


And so nourished

Through thick and through thin

Sadie held on to her dreams

So that they may blossom

Grow legs

And such a voice

She knew

One glorious day

Her dreams

Fully formed

Could walk into the world

Be heard

And be respected

(So when Sadie’s dreams

Were ready to leave her

Just as her children


They gave her one sweet nip

And were gone).

Fall when you are ready

Today I noticed

Looking at the branches

At the top of our oak tree

That the leaves growing

Closest to the light

Were refusing to fall

As if a closer

More intimate relationship

Was making the letting go

Just that more difficult

That the leaves at the top

Would rely on the ones

Closer to the earth

To return to the ground

Signaling for the rest of us

Shorter days

Less warmth

While the ones on top

Would refuse to stop basking


Of the Beauty

In a Light

That will never fully cease.

A Marriage Prayer

Take care to

Build your union


A gentle,

Wide open scaffold

So that it may hold

And protect your love

Until your bodies

And your minds

Come to pour

Like honeycomb


Golden thick

And sticking onto

All the life

That surrounds

Use your marriage

To harbor love

Like honey between you

Until that glue



Oozes in such sweet

That it can be used

To infuse

So much more good

Into this world

(This year

And all others,

May our marriage

Grow our love

So that we may

Give more love to others




“We are the family that love built.” -Bethane Middleton-Brown

Many might say

It is biology that creates a family

Human beings tied together by common blood

But what happens when


A family is created simply out of love

What happens when it is love

That builds the bond

Does biology become secondary

Is it then that

Love still exists though blood is shed

That almost instantaneous

Hearts filled with love are willed to forgive

That even though a precious, precious family member

No longer lives



There is some peace and understanding.




When you feel like giving up

Remember the wide open space

Where the moon sits and smiles

The clouds flowing in front of her

Eclipsing her view

Be there and know

Every one of your dreams

Is about to come true.



What Happens When You Are Gone

What happens

When you are gone

And I can no longer feel

The soft of lying in your arms

And hear the warm, deep tone

To me

Your voice has always been

Like angel song

And your touch

The sweet relaxation of knowing

I am home

What happens

When you are gone

And I find that cool dark place

Of all alone

Will you come to me in a flash of light

Or through the notes in a kind pop song

Will I be patient enough

To see you in a flower

Or feel you

While I am holding another

Or will your soft

Come to flow inside my heart

And your warm

Grow underneath my skin

Will part of my life purpose be

To carry you forward

In his world

As me

After you are gone

Will I know how love,

As you,

May continue on?

(I love you.)

Sadie Goes Outside

For many years

Sadie thought

The world out there

Was somewhere

She could not fit into

And so she kept herself

To herself

And felt all alone

Until she came to understand

The kind of outside

She may be looking for

Might be made of

What she had been keeping

Inside herself

All locked up

So with a few brave moments

And a few wise people holding her hand

Sadie used a key to unlock

What would become her happiness

As she reached far down

To open each inner gift

One at a time

And even though they were dusty

When brought out into sweet air

Finally shared

Sadie’s gifts became

The beautiful

She had been looking for

With all her gifts let out

Now too


Belonged Sadie–

Where once she saw unacceptance

Sadie felt accepted

And where once she felt anger

Sadie saw the eyes of love

In so many different colors

So unexpected

So unexplainable

Sadie often walked around

With tears in her own eyes

(As she gave of her gifts

All the time

Never Alone

Finally outside).

Mother’s Day Prayer

May I love everything

Just as a mother holds her child to her chest.


Unconditional Love

Mothers know

Love given

Never leaves

But acts as ignition

Growing such sweet light

Within another

Mothers watch

Pink glow rising in their cheeks

As they hold them so closely in their arms

Mothers feel

The fullness in the rise and fall

Of two breaths become one.


Mother’s Day

While one may pick a needed rest

And another to spend the day with beauty

My guess is that many a mother would


When given a whole day to use

She would want to celebrate her worth

By taking some time

To remember the sweet promise

Found within another

For so much of what happens

In this world

Is always waiting for a mother

To take her time

And hold it close

And give a tender touch

A mother knows

That what ails this life

Can be healed by her love

I am not saying

She should not rest

Or have her time in beauty

I am just saying

That mother’s live

To protect all of our sacred duties

For what is more precious

Than each one of us

Brought into this life just to love

Mother’s know

It is a divine gift—

They have been entrusted with you from above

So when given this day to honor her

Remember also your worth

Your mother was given

All that she could ever want

Upon the day of your birth.


May Day Prayer

Oh, to be like a rose–

To ask for nothing,

To stand only to share my gifts,

To know such beauty, comfort and grace

while standing here,

To remind of the truth in what life gives

Like a light sweet smell on the wind

Like an open basket of color holding the dew.

may day

Sadie’s Liberation

Sadie stood

Just as a tree would

Her arms raised up

As if to fill

With the light of God

For Sadie had been holding others

To her impossible expectations

For so long

That in this moment

She knew she had to let go

As Sadie stood

And caught the light

She also told herself things like

“He will never be this”

Or “she will never do that”

And in this way

Started to grieve

For each person Sadie

Let off of her hook

She felt a little lighter

Like she had just dropped a leaf

And when she finally fell


Of all of her expectations

Sadie felt somehow more free

Sadie was able to accept herself

Like a bird coming to rest

And sing

On one sweet branch of a tree


To bask alone in the sun,

Stripped naked,



When Loneliness Comes

(Even when supported

By the best human relationships

Loneliness may come)

Dear One,

Let loneliness remind—

The connection

Most real and pure

Can be always be found

In the silence

After you close your eyes

(I love you).


Embodied Prayer

There is no mosque here

No church bell tower

There are no temple steps

No sweat lodge fire

So let the wind call

So sweetly to prayer

Let the wind guide

My arms through the air

And take me in the sway

Of the kind plants and grass here

Let my body pray

As God’s breath

Plays in my hair

And I nod with gentle bows

Like the tall yucca flower

And rustle all my fingers

With that divine enlivening power.


Morning Prayer


Evening Prayer

Sadie’s Vacation

Sadie took some sweet time

To visit every space

She had fit into when she was small

And as she crawled into each one of them

She told herself

How her life had turned out

That as she had grown tall

Her heart had known how to change

(In place of that warm ache

Had grown softness like butter)

And then almost as if Sadie were her own mother

She lay her fingers to her cheeks

And felt the love pour over her own shoulders.

A Good Visit

The truth in any gathering

Lies between the give and take

Between the words and thoughtful looks

Between the laughter and every sigh or hiccup

The truth in any I meet you

Lies between the greeting and the good-bye hug

Between the ceiling and the rug

Between the shout and cry or shrug

The truth in any visit

Lies in what is created

From the so much more of the same

The truth is what lies

Between each breath and

Between each name.

The Gift of Love

Standing on the beach tonight


If it wasn’t for the gift of love

If it wasn’t for forgiveness

(And what comes after)

I would have never


Such sweet sparkling

Dot bursts of light

Riding each moving crest

Into the black

A nature firework

Of infinite magnitude

If it wasn’t for the gift of love

I would have never


Moonbeams on waves.


A Greater Call

Does every writer wonder

What if the words would disappear

And instead we lived in silence

With pure open space between our ears

Oh, to feel a feeling

That comes

Unattached to word

Does every writer wonder

What is left

Once we stop asking to be heard

And instead we open fully

To the mystery of it all

I wonder if to stop writing words

Might be

An answer to a greater call

To learn to live the silence

Without naming names

To learn to be in this world

Without playing any games

To learn to live without judgment

Without discerning taste

Does every writer wonder

Why don’t I let more words go to waste?


A woman who never finds herself beautiful

May look to find God in beautiful things

Until she recognizes that beauty so well

She finally comes to see it within…



Holding Presence

The best gift

I was ever given

Did not come wrapped in a bow

It could not be wrapped

For the best gift

Was a wide open space


By your presence

And the most loving words

I will ever hear–

“You can do it.”


Sadie’s Either Way

Sadie was spending her day

Trying to force her whole

From that double-edged sword

That had come

To be born inside her head

But despite all of her efforts

Sadie could not find

A soft circle in it

Only the two jabbing points

Of each choice that could be made

Taking slices of her away

And causing so much pain

So Sadie stopped to make some lists

To try to remember

Where her center had been

So that she might feel it

Just for the moment

It would take to pray

To sweet grace to come and join her

To help her discover a new diameter.

Celebrating Women’s Day

Close your eyes to see it

The bright glowing light of love

It shines in our hearts too

It is the reason we are living

The reason we have been given

Two hands soft enough to soothe any struggle

And two feet strong enough to carry the weight

Of all the hopes grown in this world

For it is in our voices

That they first come to hear the tone of liking them

And it is in our arms

That they first feel the warmth of so safe, there can never be harm.


Sadie’s Faith

Having been raised

In those sort of circumstances

Sadie had certainly

Learned how to grab

On to an opportunity

And luxuriate

In the feel of angel flutter

Tickling across her neck

For Sadie knew

That feathery feel

When nurtured

Could turn into the warmth

Of those kind arms

Wrapping surely around her

Taking her to a sweet new path

Ever since Sadie remembered

She had been wired for change

Knowing the spark of God all around her

As she let him guide her through all of her days.

Sadie Opens to Joy

A circle of plants lined the walls

And the air around them

Came to hum with the energy of joy

When Sadie entered her fine kitchen

It could not be mistaken

For a feeling or a thought

For nothing she had felt or said

Created it

Joy had come to live in Sadie’s kitchen

As sure as the space between her breaths

So purely given

And as if to say

“There is nothing you could do or feel

That would frighten me away

For once you open to me

I’ll take away your fears

I’ll help you learn to trust

To always hold me near

For anything that happens

I will never be far away

I have come to fill your kitchen

I am joy

And I am here to stay.”

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