Real women take their time

Real women hold onto their gold

They spend their days leisurely polishing

They spend their nights caressing the metal in their tender grasp

Real women wait until their gold is buffed, warmed and molded to their liking

As brilliant and as radiant as their sun

As smooth as their complexion

Real women take their time

They examine the man who will be given their treasure

A man who decides not to wear it will soon be forgotten

A man who takes it off in a bar will not be around for long

But the man who wears and cherishes her ring,

The man who keeps her gift shining and in her likeness, perfect and whole,

That man will live close to her heart forever.


When a woman gets to be an age,

She checks to see what she has accomplished.

There is an invisable measuring stick protruding from her heart.

She knows if she has been living her life

As others thought she should live it.

Or has she been one of the lucky ones

Who have grabbed onto their deepest soul dreams,

Climbing out onto a limb,

Alone, exposed, happy, free.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving (For New Understanding) on a Quiet Walk with You

I am not sad that I spent so many years looking for You–

The tragedy did not occur until I stopped looking!

A forgotten quest for all that You had meant to me–

Beauty, Love, Lullabies, Soliloquies.

I became an old, used face, no longer looking deep into another’s eyes.

I almost died as I lost the ache to hear your quality in other’s voices.

Though in This day, I am so grateful–

Grace brought me a happy ending.

Slowly, surely she revealed that You have been here with me all along.

The gifts that you have given, Grace uncovered, and those gifts have set me free.

My God, you rest in the blood that nourishes and warms me!

Let my gaze hang on every sparkling branch,

Let me hear every quiet nature sound,

Let my eyes see the love in the eyes of another,

Let my ears hear the beauty in others voices,

Let me joyfully use my gifts as I spend the rest of my days walking with You.

For My Girls

Say what you feel when you feel it.

When your stomach lurches and you smile so big your face hurts,

Tell whoever you are with that you love them.

When your head feels heavy and you have a stomach ache,

Tell yourself you are sad and then go find a friend.

Or write about it.

Don’t ever let your feelings stay running around your insides.

Be sure to say what you feel when you feel it.

There might be a time when someone feeds you a line,

Go with your instinct and don’t believe it.

Stand up for yourself and speak back your truth how you feel it.

I hope this never happens, but if your insides start to tremble,

You are scared, find someone and explain it.

For every single “A” rejoice and celebrate the day.

Tell yourself you did great and believe it.

Empty Nest

Sweet Little Bird asked her mother,

“When will I learn how to fly?”

Her mother replied to the baby , nestled warm,

“When the beauty of day makes your heart start to sing–

You’ll have no choice but to jump at the sky.”

Sweet Little Bird then asked her mother,

“What will you do when I go?”

Her mother replied to the baby, cuddled close,

“I’ll watch with a tear as you soar in the air–

Then I’ll sing a proud song all aglow.”

So with that right mother’s care,

Sweet Little Bird soon yearned to feel the air,

And she rejoiced as she leapt toward the sunrise.”

Coming Out

Help me hold onto the smile of my delicious new secret.

The unveiling came so sweet as I embraced my shame.

Oh what bliss is in giving up self-loathing!

What a joyful suprise,

My once burdensome failings have been born again into my greatest gifts!

After so many years of sad hiding and overriding,

Called out into the open and accepted,

Introversion, introspection and emotionality become all that is the joy of worshiping and sharing beauty!

I’ve spent too much time imagining myself a fool.

I am a breath of fresh air.

Gratitude is pouring from my soul and covering my world until it glistens.

Help me hold onto the smile of my delicious new secret,

I want to tell you because I want to stay exposed, happy and free–

I am a poet and acting like one makes my heart sing!