A Prayer of Thanksgiving (For New Understanding) on a Quiet Walk with You

I am not sad that I spent so many years looking for You–

The tragedy did not occur until I stopped looking!

A forgotten quest for all that You had meant to me–

Beauty, Love, Lullabies, Soliloquies.

I became an old, used face, no longer looking deep into another’s eyes.

I almost died as I lost the ache to hear your quality in other’s voices.

Though in This day, I am so grateful–

Grace brought me a happy ending.

Slowly, surely she revealed that You have been here with me all along.

The gifts that you have given, Grace uncovered, and those gifts have set me free.

My God, you rest in the blood that nourishes and warms me!

Let my gaze hang on every sparkling branch,

Let me hear every quiet nature sound,

Let my eyes see the love in the eyes of another,

Let my ears hear the beauty in others voices,

Let me joyfully use my gifts as I spend the rest of my days walking with You.

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