You Will Always Be Warm, Soothed and Safe

The mermaid inside me has a son, and he lies warm nestled beside her

His cheeks turn pink, held so close to the glow of her heart fire

And as they cuddle, she sings sweet to him,

Her love notes, open, pure and whole, flow smooth like water across her son’s open ears

The perfect lullaby both stimulates and calms all of the baby’s tiny breaths

From her days spent swimming in the swift, salted sea

The mermaid’s hands are butter soft,

Her arms’ grasp is as strong as steel

Curled up against his mother’s body, the boy is kissed by gentleness

And he is hugged with the strength of giants

In her perfect care, no severe ocean and all the danger that it holds will ever touch this baby

The mermaid inside me will always keep her son warm, soothed and safe.

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