A Perfect Life

No day’s turn

will ever get her down

because every night

is warm water,

white candles

and lavender.

And when she is ready

a perfect white nightgown

to lay on her bed

in kind gratitude

peacefully closing her eyes,

so that she may rise to

wrap their lunches

with the same love and clarity

she uses to wrap herself in her sweet longings.

A Study In Tears

I have always known the tears of injustice

Laced with fear and aggression

They fall across my cheek

Burning furrows

Thoughts swell

Grey clouds

The tears of injustice fall like acid rain.


I also know the tears of being a woman

A woman of a certain age

Endued in estrogen

I stand at my sink

Washing the dishes with my grief

(Hearts can spend a lifetime breaking)

And with my lashes

Hormone wet and weighted

I finally shut my eyes

To look for new answers within.


But now as you

My Mirror

come to me sick

It is the first time in years

I feel the warm wet

Of Pure sadness

The tears I shed for you

Are holy water

Released from my eyes

And pouring with affection

I now know the grace

Of the true clear clement

Tears of Compassion.

Dear One,

Let me hold you

Let me hold you until you are strong enough

To once again stand on your own two feet.

Every Choice You Make Will Be Perfect

Dear One,

Please rest in knowing–

Life will give you as many chances as you need.

Every choice you make will be perfect.

Some outcomes may agitate your heart,

Always let your small heart implosions spur you on

To take a chance

And make a choice

The next time

That moves you in another direction.

Sometimes it may take a few painful turns,

And big heart twinges,

Before you feel your feet in the groove of the path of your Right.

Please know that no hurtful cycle will ever be too long,

And no sad rut can ever grow too deep.

Dear One,

Every choice you make will be perfect,

Every step you take will be beautiful,

Every day you wake will be in growth.

Love Hands

The love hands follow me everywhere

They touch the corners of my mouth

And rub my back as I sleep

They guide my arms when I’m afraid

And lightly hold me when I play

The love hands always follow me

They braid my hair when I am sick

And come to hug me on the days

When I would rather cry than pray

The love hands are the spirit hands

Of everyone I meet

The spirit hands of earthly souls

I spend my time to greet

The love hands come to follow me

After kind words,

Kind looks,

Kind deeds

The love hands come to comfort me

As I go on to live the life I lead

I am so grateful for your love hands

That come and support me after you go

They help me be the best I can

Coming so sweet to hold mine

As I continue on my road.

Clearing a Space

Daffodils in a vase lay wilted,


Until the day she poured the fetid bog

Down the drain

And left to scatter the greens now brown

Onto the yard

Sun light glistened on her cheek

And sparkled on the glass

As she stood polishing the space that would sit back in her kitchen

Mouth open

Waiting for New.

When She Awoke

Snow Queen rose out of her icy thaw

Eyes on fire

Fingers trembling

Arms held wide

Breathing deep breaths

Her chest expanding with the full strength of her soul

She woke to search for a handsome man of intelligence

A man with an open heart

An open mind

And warm, heavy fingers to run through the frost in her hair.


Grace is my long time lover

She comes to lie

Pressing soft lips to mine

And breathes the breath of God right into me

Though I suffocate in grief,

Grace always comes to revive me with the divine

She holds my hands

Through lonely nights like these

Her body held so close with no space between

Though I find myself slipping into darkness,

Grace always comes with light that brings me to my knees

So by Grace,

Each and every morning,

My eyes open to what my heart yearns to see

Another day,

though tears are surely falling,

I am not blind for Grace has come to stay with me.