Sadie’s Haircut

As the woman now stood using her scissors

Sadie thought of impermanence

Just like her body would someday quit

Just like her skin cells sloughed off in every instant

Her wet hair was just lying there waiting to be cut

Why then earlier

With warm water pounding her scalp

Fingers prodding

Soap kissing her forehead

Had Sadie finally felt  her heart begin to sing

Tears welled as Sadie worried

Without someone to touch her body

Would she soon stop feeling her soul?

In Our Morning Walk

Peace is this warm breeze dotted by dew

Comfort, the smell of neighbor’s pancakes

Openness, the ringing tone of your large laugh

As Joy dances in the creases around your eyes

Sweet yearning is the rose we meet on our path

Lit by Love and all the thoughts that I have streaming

Faith is your firm grasp as you lead me home

Grace, the soft place our palms are meeting.

The Magic Blog

She thought she might be alone

But wrote anyway

Poetry from her heart


Posted it

Only to find

The world is really small

And we are all connected

By fine, glistening threads of beauty, love and adventure.

For most of you this is probably obvious, but I really didn’t know how cool blogging could be.   I am learning alot.  Have a great weekend!  -Jennifer



I met a man

who read my words

and gave them back to me

as music.

I listened to his notes




the same humming love

that lives

an ache in my gut

wanting to write…

and be read.


Dear One,

My wish for you is to remember–

we hold each other’s hearts in our hands.

Each of us born in the same light–

blessed with beautiful, unique gifts we yearn to share.

A Marriage

Their hair was grey

Their skin rough

Together for so long

In love

They knew God in each other

Marriage had been

A long slow dance

From faith to knowing

They worshipped

By seeing the gold

In each other’s eyes

And by tasting eternity

In kisses

And when he slept

She would rest her head

On his chest

Just to hear

Whirring Truth

Between breathes.


And so she knew

As he took

His last labored breath

And as she reached

To keep his eyes and mouth closed

She would not again

Be worshipping on this Earth

She had never known

God in church

Or in sunsets.


She watched

As they lay

His body in the ground

She knelt

At that place

With her flowers

She thought of the things

To take care of at home

Knowing soon

She would follow

Gloriously after him.

Sadie’s Time Management

Pots, pans and laundry were on one side

While Sadie lay trapped on the other

Caught between the black metal hands

On her white kitchen clock

Until one day

Sadie remembered

And began kicking and screaming

She kicked back on the small hand

Doing chores in the moonlight

She pushed hard against the long hand

Raising before the sun for her hobbies

Soon it was the pots, pans and laundry

That got trapped

In a very small space between the hands

Sadie was relieved to get up off the clock

Thanking it for the wide open space that was now her day

Sadie stretched and stepped joyfully outside

Opening her mouth to the sun

She sang for hours.

In Your Dark Night

Dear One,

Spend any time in blame

You’ll miss the mark

Everything in front of you is yours

Change is as simple as

Releasing your sweet dreams

Firmly into the fertile soil

Of your dark night.


Grab a tool.

Dig a hole.

Plant the seed.


Dear One,

When you are struggling

To hold onto the light


That beam is not yours for the holding

Instead it will be as simple as accepting a gift

The gift of love

That is always

Yours surely given.



Watch new, robust flowers grow.

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