Where Will My Want Go?

If I don’t kiss you

where will my want go?

Will I drop it into your cup

like a sugar cube

then smile as you sip the sweet?

Or will I attach it to the back of your shirt

as I iron in starch

then say good-bye as you walk out the door?

What if I let my want fester

stuck in my throat

until it grows into

wrenching need

stifling my voice?

Instead maybe I will just

give my want a greeting and a hug

then hold it in my hand

until it is warm enough

to mold into something better.

To My Love

Peel away all cloth of pretense

Lie naked as the sun

Bask in the glow of your pure light

All work for your pleasure already done

Relinquish your name

Abandon facade

Embrace your true precious self

Stand as our oak stands

Knowing no purpose

Yet your fruit will feed

They will rest in your arms

And I will lie at your feet

Protected and warm.

Sick of It

Sick of survival of the fittest

Aren’t we all equal

For every child has a gem

Born with it

So their mother

May worship



The essence of who they are

Praise them

Raise them to be strong

Allow all gems to be the fittest

Whatever shape, size or color they may be

Search their eyes for their clarity

Eight is too young for so much pain

We are all smarter than that

Open our hearts

Our guts

To their light



Allow them to be right

Allow them to know

Exactly who they are

Don’t put them in a box

Launch them to a star.

Sadie’s iPod

Rising with the brisk cool breeze

Before the sun

Sadie takes her iPod

And goes out for her run

Soon her heart is thumping

Her brow is glistening wet 

While everyone else is sleeping

Sadie is born again

As dark becomes a sunrise

Her nightmares turn to cheers

Inspired in her heavy breaths

And by his voice between her ears

Sadie’s run is her best held secret

Her way to find Love again

Even in the worst of times

She knows she can get back her zen

By breath, by words she can’t define,

And his tone that rings her heart

Sadie is always so thankful

For her day’s glorious start.

Sadie’s Promise

Sadie promised

She would live days that sparkle

Spend moments in bliss

And for the moments she does forget

She will always find her way back to Love.

When old wheels start spinning

When stuck inside those thoughts again

Sadie vowed to stop, remember

That she can always watch her thoughts spin

And almost smile at the dirt she is stuck in again.

For those other moments when Sadie begins to forget

Crying her tears, fearing the quick cruel knock

Of the dirt rock bottom she is headed for

Sadie guaranteed that she will remember–

There is no bottom

There is only Love

And even in a spiral down

She’s really floating on a cloud.

Dear One,

There is never anything to fear

Even in pure darkness

You are always held in light

And even in your humanness

There is never a need to fight

There is always Love

Love is always given

And though you may be only human

You can know that your spirit is always surely living.


For many years I felt the shame in it

The you-are-not-like-us I imagined into it

The oh-if-I-had-just-been-born-a-boy

I would have escaped it

But today I cry my wild tears

I forgive

I embrace it

So this is what it feels like–

Letting my self  just be

Wild and sprinting up on the hill

As wild as any coyote

I am giddy

I am thrilled

I have finally set it free

Running on this precious path

Let every step

Be touched by my emotionality.

My Mother-in-law’s Poem

My mother-in-law moved to the United States from India in 1967 with her husband and their three young sons aged one, two and three at the time.  All three boys grew and flourished in her care for she lived life as motherhood was her sacred service.  When I met her in 1985, and as I grew to know her, she still spent most of her time caring for her family including me, my two special sister-in-laws and all of our children.  I do know however that she managed to stop a moment one day to write a poem, as it was published in Tracing the Infinite at The International Library of Poetry book in 2004. In honor of her beauty and all beauty, I am posting her poem:


Lord, I don’t offer you flowers because they would fade.

Dare not to adorn you with ornaments since you forbade.

Glad to know you are formless bliss only to be felt inwardly.

Though your true nature seems soft, sweet and friendly.

-Sushila Devi

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