Letting It Go

Elbow deep in the suds,


driving children,

intrudes with awkward, sweet familiarity–

a poem waiting to be born.

The kiss between ears,

the leap of heart,

as whirring slows to a blur

asking for the attention

it would take

to become word on paper.









What is the lesson

in letting it go?

Slow Summer Days

Hello Fellow WordPress Bloggers,

I will be taking it slower writing this summer and will not be posting as frequently.  However, I can’t imagine a day without following all of your blogs so I will continue to read regularly.

I have learned so much in the few months I have been blogging here– have enjoyed learning from all of you and have enjoyed sharing .  My goal in posting here is to improve my writing which I may have,  but even more than that, blogging here has given me a new feeling of connection that I am holding close to my heart.  It is such a small, beautiful world.  Thank all of you for your blogs and for your support here at Jenny Kissed Me.

Love and Peace,



There was once a boy so quiet

He was called shy

Never finding the words or the will

To offer his opinions

He was so ashamed

He tried to hide it

Believing it was ugly

Even evil

Pushing it down

To rest at his core

But still it bubbled

Coming up


Until he was soaked in it

So he chose to

Stay inside

In the corner back of classrooms

So that no one would see

What he had been covered in

Until one day

He noticed another boy

Who needed help

And it seemed

Only his eyes

Could see it

Forgetting to hide

The boy ran

Into the light

He offered

His soft arms

To the relief of the other

His new friend

Spent moments

Crying in his hold

And as his friend was healed

So was the boy

For the first time

He saw beauty

He saw beauty everywhere

His darkness began to surely sparkle

His quiet became peace

His silence was knowing

And he grinned in gratitude

As he bravely guessed–

His shyness was never

A trait he should have feared

His shyness would become his greatest gift.

And so the boy

Spent his days

Open and exposed


To dance in the light

And making sure that he

Would never miss a chance

To give his gift,

The gift of his glowing compassion.

Dear One,

Should you ever find yourself

Pushing ugliness so deep

It erupts until you are just splattered in it

Please remember,

There is no ugly

There is no reason to hide


Accept your truth,


Live it!

The Cracks In My House

We made plans

Bought wood

Hammered nails

And as soon as it was built

The first crack began to form

Letting a small ray of light

Hit the floor

The power of my house

Rests in it’s cracks

The slow crumble

Of all we worked so hard to create

Letting go

Leaving space for glorious new.