A good poem

Comes with a hum

In my head

No words to rival it

And when it is over

I am left

With a smile

That could only

Have been born

By your sweet music.

Thank you fellow WordPress bloggers.  I am having so much fun getting to know all of you, all over again!:)


Good Therapy

He asked her

“Do you see the beauty here?”

And she told him

“It is all beautiful.


So he asked her

To pull him

Through her pearly gates

To which she grabbed him

By the brain

To make a couple of

Needed adjustments.

When he could finally look her

Straight in the eye

She dove down deep

Into his heart

Where she had been waiting

To lay down

Glow and rest there.

With Perfect Love

There have been no stages

For me to work through

My grief over losing you

Oh, how I’ve learned

That with perfect love

Comes perfect loss

Losing you runs

New warmth underneath my skin

So many reminders of you everywhere

And in everyone

Each becomes a reminder of perfection

Since you left me

I seem to live you constantly

My tears flow free,

Full and easy

For anyone

There have been no stages

For me to work through

My grief over losing you

Instead I will ask my grief

To always run

Right underneath my skin

I will ask my grief

To stay

To fuel new strength

And true compassion.


She worships

The sweet breeze of change

Has learned to feel

The first soft kiss of it

Across her ears

Never knowing

What is to be seen

She closes her eyes

To breathe in its new warmth

Her heart pumping

With its fresh puffs of grace

She will surrender her soul to this time

And then she will open her eyes.


We say we want a miracle

But when it comes

Are we prepared for it?

Dear One,

When newness comes

Pinch yourself

Stare at it in disbelief

Then in awe

Take it in

This new gift

So fragile

You need to hold it

With the delicacy of a new mother

For at first

Change can’t even

Hold its own head up

So you hold it

Nurse it

Nurse the new life you have been given

Stare at every inch of it

Until you have it memorized

Stay up in the night

Feeding its requirements

Wake up in the morning thankful


Just to be with it

Dear One,

Of course

You deserve a second chance

Life does not have to be expected

Anything you want can be yours

Just make sure you don’t miss

The very thing

You have always been looking for

A miracle

May come quietly

To see if you are ready

Listen for her sweet soft cries

And then believe and nurture her.


Place of New Understanding

It comes without announcement

Sometimes as subtle

As the difference

A winter day makes

In my rose garden

So hard for me to see

I am standing in the glorious place

Of new understanding

Any hint of aggression

Will frighten it away


Grant me the patience

For I know, one day

I will wake up

As aware

As seeing my flowers

After a storm

Stems bent in new positions

Petals glistening with rain

I will see the spark of new beauty that surrounds

And won’t it be fun to see who has joined me there!

new understanding

Writer’s Block

I didn’t spare the ink

For I was bleeding

And now

Even lying on this sidewalk

In a pool of it

I constrict

In hopes of conservation

An attempt

To play the victim

Till the end

Feeling cool

Even with the warm breeze

That always passes


And unable to

Let go

If only I would

Write myself out of it

Spill the ink

That comes from blood

Leave the victim

Be the Love.

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