Alberta’s Advice

Alberta’s eyes sparkled

With the openness

Of a cloudless day

A peace had come

With age

And the experience

Of time spent

In sweet darkness

In that place of angel kisses

Alberta grew to know

That under any ache

Lives the strength that

Bears the weight of it–

All we ever

Need to do

Is to feel

And to breathe.

At War


Let’s be at war

With words

For isn’t it the story

We tell each other

That keeps us stuck

What if

We only had looks

And soft kisses

What then

Would keep us

Away from love

Let’s strike each word

From this place

We can bury them dead

Then let’s rest

In the grace

Inspired in this bed.

With You

Since I was young

I have heard

The goal may be

To grow old

Let go of possession

Let go of relationship

And walk free

Into a forest

Just to be

But for me

I still can’t imagine

The letting go

For I know God

As I sit right now

In holy silence

Across from you–

Having told you

Of my journey

I watch it come back to me

A pool of sacred tears

In your brown eyes.

Your Kiss

I wait
for these
soft bursts of gold
just like
I wait
for your kiss.



The sweet speak

Of gratitude–

Let it sit

Right in the mouth

Of this pen

So it may

Flow first

And through

My words written

(all in praise of You!)

Let each word




With this passion

Never to forget

That words

Are but

The way

To worship

Our connection.

Sadie’s Sifter

Sadie never left the house

Without her sifter

Before returning home

She liked to sit with it

In the park


She found she could

Sift a whole day

Most of it flowing

Ash onto the grass

Until she got down to

One clean round nugget

Sadie cherished

The one gem

That came from

Those fruitful days

And would make a point

To save it

Placing each beautiful

Glowing one

On her kitchen window sill

Sure to catch the light

It was the days

When Sadie sat

Sifting and sifting

Only to find

Caught in the mesh

Many awkward grey rocks

That Sadie spent

A little more time

In the park

She would make sure

To examine

And then say good-bye

To each stone

Then Sadie would toss them

One by one

Into the stream.

After the Conflagration 2

When anger

Is met

With a loving embrace



That fire burns

But always comes to fall again

Into the sweet ember of the soul.

Dear One,

You will stand

In that fire’s wake

More open

And ready to receive



Radiating with such pure good

You will wonder

“How have I kept myself

From this sparkling place–

And who is already waiting for me here?”

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