When I Left You

for Hemu and the Kids


When I left you

I put four smooth warm stones

In my heart

So I could feel you

Even so far away

And carry you with me

As I have carried you

Every day

The soothing, sure heat

That fills and guides me

When I come home

I will take the stones out

But only if you are there


To wrap your arms

Again around me.


Holding Back

Why do I sit

with my hands

in my lap

instead of reaching

them out

to hold you

or to move my fingers

gently through your hair

What keeps me

away from the very thing

that would give pleasure

Is there only a

right time to touch

and a right person

to be sitting next to

or are there

just barriers

that get in the way

of all of us


our connection?

I Am So Well Taken Care Of

I remember

how your mother

swept the dark wood floors

and ran her sponge

over countertops

your home

was gleaming surface

your home

shined with the love

of your mother’s service.

It is like that here

in Indonesia

even leaving my sandals

at the door

I track white coral sand

onto the porch

but she comes

twice a day

with her broom

and a wet cloth

the cabin

sparkles clear

with her care.


At Home Here


is when

I rise to worship


before dawn

and here

in Bali

I am met

by incense

already burning



lighter than the dark

smelling of love.

He has risen

even earlier than me

to place

golden marigolds

around God’s neck.

Your Love

She was made to glisten

She was made to wait

Until your touch

Could leave love

As sparkling gold flecks


In her pure white skin

She was made for you

To paint her with your passion

Until she lies

A golden goddess

In your bed.



Let Go of Everything That Does Not Serve You

Strength always


With letting go

For empty is

Waiting to be fed

As a baby waits

To be filled

With mother’s milk

Always good,

Perfect and warm.

Dear One,

Let go of everything

That does not

Serve you

Then lay, rest

And suckle here,

Until your emptiness


A strong new you.