I am so easily


My heart


To the pure tone


In every voice

Not by the word

But by the way it


To the part

Most deep

Inside of me

It is in

Your voice

That I find release

It is in

Your tone

That I find

All the love

I ever have to give.

Morning Run

Leave your dream

Open your eyes

Walk outside to the silence

Where there is only a glimpse

Of the bright–

A few sparkling stars

A sliver of last moon light

Breathe deep

Feel the breeze

That comes this morning

To kiss your cheek

In this still dim before dawn

Then run

So when you are ready

Heart pumping

Legs strong and warm

You may move in that sunrise


Shining gold with that love.

When Two Souls Found Their Mirrors

In 1964, one perfect glowing ball of love, swirling in its own special way with its own special colors, was ready to be born again, this time choosing a human mother in India.  The mother was already blessed with her first son and another would be born soon after.  This soul burned to be born to her, so close between the other two.  He wanted the others to be supported.  He wanted to stand tall, so strong, always between them.  A couple of years later, a second perfect glowing ball of love, swirling in its own special way with its own special colors, was also ready to be born.  This soul ached to feel the beauty near the ocean so she quickly, as was her style, chose a sweet human mother in Maine.  In 1967, Hemu’s family left India to make a new life in the United States as Jen spent her days lying on the sand by the sea.  Then, when it was time, both Hemu and Jen chose the same college.  When they finally met, Hemu remembered a portrait he had enjoyed and Jen saw brown eyes beautiful enough to look into for the rest of her life.  Both souls soared.  They chose their mirrors and Hemu and Jen soon chose to be married.  While the souls knew that this life was perfect, Hemu and Jen struggled in their marriage.  They saw their differences as roadblocks to happiness.  It would take a while before they could see the shining truth:  Because of the other, they would choose to grow.  And as souls always know: Because of the other, a special beauty, like no other before or no other later, would be borne in this marriage.  It was Hemu’s favorite activity to watch a movie and it was Jen’s to sit close.  And so they sat many nights together on their couch and cried together at many stories’ endings.  This was the time their souls always chose to dance and smile in shining understanding.   As Hemu would always stand strong to support Jen; she would always come to shower him in beauty.  And the proof of this truth came at many special times, especially as five more perfect glowing balls of love, swirling in their own special ways with their own special colors, chose to be born into Hemu and Jen’s family.


Hemu, Happy Anniversary from my soul to yours.:)  -Jennifer

For Patty

When you came down from that peak

Your skin glowing

Your eyes on fire

I could not close my eyes to you

And even while you stood to pray in front of me

I had to stare

And let your words fall

A hum of angel flutter

Across my ears

For I had never seen

A shining beauty

Come down from that hill

As you did that morning

Sprinkled in sunrise

Sparkling with tears.


My only

Is to hold you

To open my arms


You and I

Melt into


That can ever be–

That love that made us,

That love that sets us free!


I welcome the quiet voice

When it comes

Sometimes when I prepare

Sometimes when I least expect it

But when it comes

I know I am

In the place

Of no fear here–

Only shining love

Attracts a tone

So pure

that only my heart can hear it.