Devotion and Intention

Unless in time


Sparkled in grace

The very best way to see goodness

Is to already know it is there


Be my guide

Open the darkness

Reveal that great light beam inside.


Authenticity 2

Being human

We are given a switch

We can turn it off

To go about our day

But what when in those moments

We decide to let instinct guide

To swim against that current

With the ferocity of salmon fighting their way

Is there really any more beauty

Than that flesh lost on river stone

Is there really any more beauty

Than a woman living

(By listening to what her insides have to say?)





Her need

With what

She can find at home.

With some yarn and old fabric

She crafts a beaming blanket

To wrap her in knowing–

She is already held.

Knowing the Truth

Pink cheeked and precious

Wrapped up in her blanket

Asleep in that cradle

We see her as love

What happens a little later

When she wraps herself in trouble

Do we try to fix that problem

Or do we remind her—

She is Love.

Morning Run on a Writing Day (October 22, 2013)

I start out most writing days with a run.  Yesterday I stopped along the way to take photos with my phone of the light and surroundings.  So grateful to share an example of the cherished way I begin a blogging day:


I start off in the dark.  Here is the moon.



Beginning of sunrise with the palms.  I smell eucalyptus at this point in the run.:)


Park with evergreens.


Moon in the sunrise.


Sunrise from further up our hill.


View from the top of the hill.


It is impossible to know

Which morning will bring

The greatest gift

When just enough moisture

Meets that light rising

To create your perfect sunrise.

Dear One,

Wake up


Then go to run outside

Open your heart

And receive.


I love you.

poetry photo

Sadie’s Headache Relief

Sadie was breathing quickly

With the force of the thought

That would not leave her

It seemed anchored in her heart

As the other end pushed,

Throbbing at her right temple

Sadie closed her eyes in discomfort

As she felt at the point

On the side of her head

The tip of the exclamation mark

That was followed by the

Haunting stream of words

Sadie pulled at that tail

Slow and sure

Until the line of letters grew taut

With the feeling that was hooked at the end

Dangling so long inside her heart

Maybe she had grown tired

With all the repetition

Or maybe she had been given

So much love

She could now be brave

But Sadie knew she was ready to face

What had been hurting her

If you asked Sadie to describe

What the rage looked like

She would say she was surprised

Something so ugly was living so deep

But she would also tell you

She felt at peace

To see what had been the cause

Of the distress

As Sadie gave one last skillful jerk

The words came flowing out

So she could hold the thought

A banner to wave behind her

As she ran up the hill

When Sadie got to the top

She finally knew what she should do

Sadie opened her mouth

And gave a great useful yell.

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