Sadie’s Magnifying Glass

There had been times

When Sadie thought

She had been missing out

And then she learned

That to feel peace

She could bear the weight of it

In this way Sadie came

To always leave her home

Carrying a stick

With a brilliant round glass

Fixed at the end of it

In every situation

The stick stood propped by Sadie’s side

And she grew so grateful for its help

For whenever Sadie felt

That she was missing out

She held a smart lens

To look though

For a much bigger and grander view.

How She Saw It From the Mountain Top

Who she wants

Wears no particular face

Nor moves in any particular way

She has her favorites

For a moment

Her comfortable go-tos

But who she wants

Could be found in anyone


She lights her candle

And prepares her food

But if she had none

She could still be warm and fed

And if lying in a small box

With nothing but herself

She could still have everything

She wants.

January 27, 2014

So grateful for this evening

As the sun is setting

Its radiant red reminding

Of the beauty that can be found

In every good bye

So thankful that as I ran this morning

The wind was there

To show me how it feels

To have your fingers cross my cheeks

And that the sliver of the moon

Seemed placed

In perfect center above the dawn

Like a masterpiece painting

So that I could cry a little bit

At how love is always there for me

Even as I miss you

I marvel at the Mysterious

At how just yesterday

She placed a black rock heart

In my palm

(Even though she had never

Even heard about your birth)

1536595_10201402612687445_663375376_n (1)

1623717_10201407189441861_1149700708_n (1)I


I love you.

What is Real

There is a peace that comes

A muffled hum

As if lying in warm lapping waves

Ears submerged

The beach bright but distant

(What is real

Is the sweet rise and fall

Of the eternal tide.)


Sadie’s Photography Hobby

It was Sadie’s first year

Having noticed the light

And having run

Through spring, summer and fall

Through shadow and glow

Sadie learned how appearance


So sweetly

And in this way

Sadie grew to love more deeply

Every tree,

Every creature

Became a photo taken

In just that moment

Just as they were


By the light.

What You Want

Dear One,

That thing

New and good

Is already

Right where you stand

All you need to do

Is hold your great thought of it


With love in your heart

In the burning place of gratitude

Use your kind eyes

(All good things are invisible at first)

Dear One,


Be patient

Until you see the first spark

(The spark of new is always so small

Many step right over it)

Then Dear One,

Bow down and

Wave your hands lightly

Kiss the air around it

Do everything

You need to do

To fan the fire of new

And that thing,

That good,

Will soon be yours



(I love you).


Sadie’s Happy New Year

Sadie had toasted

Until it was dawn

Then left the flute

Half full by her bed

So after one of

The best sleeps

In her lifetime

She woke up

Eyes level to that glass–

There were no more bubbles

But the color was so golden

Sadie immediately smiled

For it was then

That Sadie knew

Her glowing new year’s intention–

To begin every day

Exactly that way

With another toast

And a cheers

To a sparkling, grand, perfect new year.