The One Living as Two

(I learned a lot about myself today

And in learning

I found out

I had been mistaken about you too

I am sorry for misunderstanding both of us

I love you)


So grateful for the love

That makes our lives together

That gives us this home

And this bed

What a great gift it has been

Waking up every day

To share life so close with someone


(And learn life’s lessons)


Today I live to celebrate

Your kind and open heart

And all of the other beautiful things

That made me notice you from the start


(And bring us every day closer to Knowing.)



Below the Camellia

Breeze released

Lay soft and fragrant

Her red blanket


“Lie in my shade

And with that protection

Weep in the glow

Of this wood.”


Thank You

Because of You

I know the feeling

Of one whole day

Spent in gratitude

In the sweetest place

I’ve ever known

(In the place

Of boundlessness

And tears).


Dear One,

Spend time

Looking out of windows

For anything you want

You can imagine

And know that it will come

As easy and as true

As that moment

Last night

When I held you.


How to Be Happy

Don’t get so caught up

Holding on to habits

Instead let go–

Let your hands reach for beauty

Use your eyes

Look for it

Wake up listening for that first soft call of love.


(photo by Nirupam)

How I Grew to Love Even More

When my heart breaks

It feels like

Evening sunlight on rose petals

I know because

After you left

My heart broke eight times

But each time grew such beauty there

(Until I knew)

And now with every rose I see

I fall in love again.


What I Want To Tell You About Love


Dear One,

Love is always there for you

Love is in the quiet when you close your eyes

It is in the kitchen

Where the light sparkles on the floor

And at the table in every bite of food

Love comes in every word

But when you can’t hear it

Cup your hands over your ears and hear love roar

Dear One,

You will never be without Love

Even in your most painful moments

When there are no arms to hug you

Love will be in the wind

Go outside to feel it

Let love follow you

In every flower, every cloud, every bird.


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