Love Yourself

Dear One,

Love yourself

In your favorite dress

And while dancing

To your favorite song

Love yourself

In your favorite class

And when your

Favorite friends come along

But most of all

Dear One,

Love yourself

On your loneliest of days

Be the first one

To hold your own hand

To wrap your arms

Around yourself

Know that you understand

We all have

A darkest place

Full of emptiness of rage

Be the first one

To love yourself

On these loneliest of days

Know that you are perfect

Even in that place

That comfort always comes

Flying on the wings of grace

Take a moment to remember

Love is always here

Let the angels whisper

Their sweet, soft notes in your ear.

How to Change the World

Any battle

I choose with this world

I can choose

To fight

Inside myself

Finding that place

Of self-right

(Where it explodes between my ears)

And pouring

The sweet light of my heart

All over it

(Embracing hate)

Until my own words melt

And feeling is molded

It is always a brave battle,

The battle within,

And when it is over

There is always

So much more love to give.



How cool and kind her

Swirl of current

Must have been

But how this place

Lies dry

Heavy with these rocks

So many years ago


Dear One,

Forget this place

This path was not yours

Of the making

Do what you need to do

To feel her cool, kind tide

Then take these rocks with you

Be free.


Midlife Crisis

Her dreams smelled of lavender

And if you had smelled them too

If you had seen the pure pastel glow

You would have surely held her hands

To show her the place that she should go

For at that age

Her dreams

Were the light of angel flutter

As sparkling as her tears were

As you turned your head away

To show her how to look

In the wrong direction

While her dreams

Fell so far deep

Even her soul could not feel them

Until another came

Smelling sweet lavender

Seeing the pure pastel glow in her eyes

He held his hands gently

Around her waist

Until she could stand to imagine

All that had been her dreams

So long ago.



Spent her days

Kissing the sweet edge

Moving it forward


In the caress

Of her lips

And easing her body

In the same

Quiet pulse

Until she lay

Just where she needed

To Be.

Looking for Metaphor

Have been spending way more time looking than writing these days.  Sharing some of my favorite birds from the last couple of days:


A Peace that is greater than all of my understanding…


Birds of a feather…


Remembering the Beauty in my own back yard…


Basking in Love…


With You, I am Home.


Sunset Symphony in Three Movements

As the sun began to set

And paint its sparkling gold

The small ones chirped and jumped

Until I ran to catch a view

But they teased and jumped further

Their sweet trills fading into the trees

Into a silence that glowed as orange

As the sky was

And with that fullness

The lonely ones came to call

Back and forth

One to the other

Caw caw

Caw caw

When a haze of purple fell to the hush

Under the crows song

And they danced in groups

Over the mountain

Until it was black.


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