Days Bathed in Light

Loving her parts

That first seemed unlovable

Was a true gift

Of heavenly proportion

For having taken on the practice

She also learned

The sweet work of loving the world

(Forgiving one point at a time)

Until the whole sphere around her

Glowed as the strong bright light of a star.


Sadie’s Love Lesson

Sadie had spent years

Wondering what was missing


To find someone to love

Until the day she woke up

When she was ready to realize

It wasn’t the people

That were missing

It was the part of her heart

She had closed

So long ago

So first,

She smiled and thought of him

Sadie remembered what he had said to her

Then she gratefully forgave those words

Right here and now

Then Sadie reached down in her heart

To open the piece she had closed that day

And that was when the miracles

Began to start

Sadie’s heart was so open

Everyone came to love her

Everyone felt her warmth

They felt full

Sadie had learned her lesson

She would never use another’s words

To close any part of her heart

To the rest of the world.


This evening

Standing before this beauty

Watching the sun fall

I feel a deep pull in my gut—

It was not a simple leaving

And now,

One year later,

I feel like I am still watching her go.


Sadie’s Great Peace

Once Sadie learned

To wrap her arms around herself

And listen to her thoughts

She was finally able to

Quiet their spin

Until all the words

Stretched into one straight line

Easily read

And ready for a quick switch in direction

It was then that Sadie began

To ask herself some questions

Until one great day

She found herself

Giving herself a hug

And crying in quiet gratitude

For what lay in front of her—

Sadie sat in silence

As she studied the sweetest words

Ever lined up in her mind:

“What does it mean to have a pure heart?”

When I am hurt

When I am hurt,

my tendency has been to close a part of my heart against the person who has hurt me.

I used to think that I was being smart.

I used to think that I was protecting myself.

But now I know–

the only way to receive all the possibilities that love brings,

is to keep my heart open to all,


The only option when I am hurt is to keep on loving.

The only option when I am hurt is to strive to open my heart even more.


Let Love Unfold

Dear One,

Let love unfold

Like spring unfolds

In gentle tendrils

Sweet yucca churning up

With soft white blossom

And ivy sprigs

Unfurling as they flower.



The Morning after Her Eclipse


Her face filled

Blood red

Until the Morning

When she shone

With more gold

Than in any day

And so the birds

Arose early


Singing their sweet, light notes

As every other soul

Came to wake up

And so it was

That cheek by cheek

The world began to glow

With her new-found freedom.



Photo taken this morning after the blood-red moon eclipse.

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