Right Direction

Having a day

When the heavens

Seem to open

And all the things

I had forgotten about myself

Fall upon me

In an iridescence

Enlivening my heartbeat

Quickening my step

And I know

With ever-present praise

That I am headed

In the right direction

Toward the good

That was planted

So firm inside me

So long before

I was even born.

Today Upon Losing Maya

Feeling an exquisite call–

One woman’s words


As others had heard them

And as each

Gave her stories

Their perfect twists

We were all brought home


(Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

We love you, Maya Angelou!)


Did you ever think

Even for a moment

That a wild flower

Should choose where it grows

Or did you look at it

That fresh blossom

Rising though the hay

And marvel at the beauty

In how random

How divine

Hope and courage

Springs with beauty placed

In all the wrong places

Dear One,

Did you ever think

Even for a moment

That the purpose of your life

May be just to grow

Wherever you are placed?


Sadie’s Evening Meditation

As Sadie sat

She dreamed of angel kisses

Falling light on her shoulders

And all around her neck

Such fluttering grace

As Sadie opened into the sweet place

She had come from

(With her eyes held shut

Sadie knew without hesitation–

She was Home).



I like to wear green eyeliner

Any shade of green

And better if it sparkles

I have never had a real hair cut

And I put on running shoes most of the time

In fact

I seem to have never learned the part of feminine

That would show me how to put on proper makeup

Or style my hair

Or wear high heels on my feet just for fun

And sometimes

I wonder if there is something inside missing

That if it had been there

Would have made me more a woman

And every time I write

I have to remind myself that I’m a writer

Or I think my words not good enough to share

(To share myself with love).


Midlife Adjustment

So many years

Of need and self

Getting in the way of love

Until they both decided

What is the other

Is the point

And even though

They had to

Do some heavy lifting

They picked up their hearts

And their minds

Expanding kindness

And logic

Until both became

Perfect support for the other

No more time

Wasted on need and self

Only time spent

Watching the other receive their dreams.

Upon Meeting True Friends

The most beautiful have come through

Not one could have been imagined

Voices ringing with the sweet tones of open hearts

And eyes sparkling with the understanding of giants

Such beauty was not expected

The exact wrinkles and winks never drawn

And yet as they came into a grace filled wait

I could recognize and rejoice in pure love’s perfection.

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