Imagine the Strength, Imagine Being that Open

And if I were to take

Every cry onto my shoulders

Would my arms be strong enough

To carry each one there

And would my heart be large enough

To hold each cry

To kiss them

Until love could come to settle

In the place where they had been–

Imagine the strength

Imagine being that open!

There is no end (to Love)

There is no end

It is all a continuation of the same, that is love

Do not grieve for the loss of any day

For that day returns over and over again in the light that falls through the trees and lands light shadows in your hair

Do not grieve for any touch but go and find it

The touch you yearn for is always there

Hear it in bird call

Know it in your breath

Sweet, soft, sure

Love is always here.



Does it make a difference

To hold it for a lifetime

Or to embrace it for a moment

If in that moment

Eyes wide open

You ready to remember

As it fills your ears

And kisses every inch

Of your sweet skin

In one moment

Hearts can learn to open

To a lifetime of

Letting everything

Absolutely everything in.



Close your eyes

Let my voice fall

Sweet water

Of open heart

Holding you warm

In God’s tone

Let your whole body rest there


Precious One

When you are ready

Sing back to me and

I will close my eyes


In the rich dew of your voice

Through our lips

May we become as one.

A Father’s Love

On the field

Across the court

Game day lessons

Game day support

Bubbles and laughter

Miracles too

Fathers teach

Children do

Fathers hug

Children grow

A father’s love

So precious to know!








On Hold

“The item you’ve requested is on hold”–

Could it be that

Everything ever wanted

Is just waiting

To be recognized

That it is there

All ready,

Waiting for the taking

That one long slow kiss

Is just a moment away

The moment between

Wanting and

Knowing that it is already there.

Sadie’s Button

It was never the right time

Sadie was so sick of her anger

And how it seemed to come

When the world went that way

Her anger came jabbing from the inside

With a mind of its own

As Sadie would lose control

Of what she had been thinking

Simple sweet gems lost

To bitter words

Hurtful sentences strung together

As if on instant replay

Every good thought for the day

Instead a hate circuit


Where was Sadie’s love?

Of course,

Sadie knew

When the world went that way

She had a choice

Instead of pushing her own button

To ask her anger to come in

She could chose instead

To use her own sweet voice

For Sadie’s simple gems

Had always been the truth

And her love could always be used

When the world went that way

To find a solution

To make a better day.