Sadie’s New Thoughts

Sadie grew by seeing her Love’s flower

Watching it bloom

Each day revealing a new twist in the stem

Or a new rise in one of the petals

Until bubbling up in Sadie’s mind

Came a fresh new thought

As unique in color and in smell

As this rose

At this time

In this sweet sun’s light.



Sadie’s Pieces

Sadie was afraid

She would die not knowing

How it felt

To be put back together again

Pieces had been falling

Off of her for years

What Sadie didn’t know

Was that angels had always been around her

To catch every piece in their sweet hands

And to wait for the time when Sadie

Would be ready

To feel like herself again

Dear One,

Wake up knowing

That grace always comes with night

Know that the parts of yourself

You have been missing

Can be given back to you

Any day you are ready to feel alright

Please always remember—-

Shed your tears as you go to bed

Then know that in the morning

You can wake up whole again.

The Next Generation

Compassion speaks

In your voices

Dripping and so deep

The openness

Of your hearts

Felt in the sounds

Around your words

Dear Ones,

Use your voices

To give

Use your voices

For the big conversations

And for small reassurances

Your voices

Are as the sweet silence

So filled with love

That each word carries

The tone of

What only the depths

Of you know

Dear Ones,

Use your voices

Your words are gifts to be heard

Your words are the ways to healing this world.