Waves of Love

I love the ocean

With all the love

I’ve ever had for you

I remember the sound

Of sweet waves lapping

And your quiet breath before dawn

And how you left

In the night

Running toward the waves

I watched from our window

Naked beauty

Swimming under the moon

And every time

I walk on sand

I remember

Wet and salt

When you came back to our room

(And how you pull me

So close to you).


Sadie’s Achilles

It wasn’t until the injury

That Sadie would come to realize

The glow she received


As her feet hit the pavement

Was the same glow

She would get

Letting the tears fall from her eyes

As she told her friend about the


That came to sleep in her insides

Dear One,

If in the morning

Depression wakes you

A heaviness inside

Please listen to that sadness

Let it inspire kind release

Let your feet hit the pavement

Take a walk to find the ease

Or make a plan to see a friend

You can talk about tears to

Dear One,

The sadness sometimes comes

But the sadness is not you

Depression can be a gift

Given to wake us to remember

Every day is worth fighting for

Every day

We wake up from our slumber

Love is all around

We are not far from its kiss

Dear One,

Work to find Love’s glow

Work to find Love’s bliss

(I love you).

An Answer to Her Prayer

An answer to her prayer

Will come

A quiet whisper

Only she can hear

When the sun is setting

Or when she notices

Sparkling dew on rose petals

Such beauty

Turns her heart to open

So that she may hear

Sweet, soft words

Whispered in her ears

(Poetry always comes

As an answer to her prayer).


The Teacher

When the one in front of the line

Turns her head to look behind

The rest get a glimpse

Of the brilliant glow on her face

And for that divine moment

They all Know

The light that will come

As they move

Closer to the Horizon

Dear Teacher,

What sweet responsibility!

Go first and always remember–

You reflect back to us

All of God’s sparkling beauty.




Surely, sweetly gave of him

As he basked in her pleasure

He opened of himself so wide

He let her light spring from his eyes

And flow in his voice

Until his words would write sparkling joy

Over so many hearts

One might imagine

That if he ever found himself with dark

He might miss her so much

He would have to close

Until she could come back

To bring him her kind spark.



My Favorite View

There is no moon

As bright as you

No lagoon as deep

There is no wave

As strong as you

No ocean flower as sweet

There is no sand

As warm as you

As you hold me as I sleep

There is no view

I will ever know

More comforting to me

Than the perfect view

I have of you

As we walk together by the sea.


Hemu under the super moon at Malibu Lagoon 8/10/2014

Sadie’s Piano


When Sadie sat to play

Her hands found the notes

Her ears ached to hear

Tones to meet the welling chord

Felt in her heart

(Heard in the news)

A harmonious disquiet

(Of bombs

Of starvation

Of fear)

And as Sadie sat to play

Her heart’s sweet dissonance

Dripping in her ears

She opened her mouth

To use her strongest voice to pray

Calling Peace,

“Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…”

(And the world

Continued dancing

To its clashing chord

Until all could come to hear

Her song of peace

And they sang the words back to her

Over and over again).


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