Sadie’s Achilles

It wasn’t until the injury

That Sadie would come to realize

The glow she received


As her feet hit the pavement

Was the same glow

She would get

Letting the tears fall from her eyes

As she told her friend about the


That came to sleep in her insides

Dear One,

If in the morning

Depression wakes you

A heaviness inside

Please listen to that sadness

Let it inspire kind release

Let your feet hit the pavement

Take a walk to find the ease

Or make a plan to see a friend

You can talk about tears to

Dear One,

The sadness sometimes comes

But the sadness is not you

Depression can be a gift

Given to wake us to remember

Every day is worth fighting for

Every day

We wake up from our slumber

Love is all around

We are not far from its kiss

Dear One,

Work to find Love’s glow

Work to find Love’s bliss

(I love you).

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