A Sweet Reminder

You left me this morning

Skipping off to school

And turned back toward me

One more time

To give me a wave

And the most happy smile

You reminded me how

Earlier this morning

The ducklings had moved

Skimming across the lagoon

Dunking their heads

Down into the muck

Then rising those sparkling beaks

Up to the sun

There is so much Joy

Just in living

(No need to worry about outcome)

You live

Just to skip off to school

As those ducks live

Just to move,

To eat,

And to be warmed by the sun.


Life’s Meaning

I know,

Really know,

Life is worth living

As I wake up

And see the sun

And go to run outside

Feeling that warmth

Hit my skin


Coffee cup in hand,

I come to sit beside you

In this quiet morning peace

Of sweet Knowing–

Everything is perfect

Exactly how it stands

And in this way

I am

So completely free

To listen

Only to my heart

As I ask it

These five words,

“How should I love today?”


Sadie’s Great Self-Care

Sadie unzipped

And sent half of herself

On a sweet twilight cruise

While the other half

Picked up, scrubbed and buffed

Until the air

All around

Tasted as sweet as

When Sadie had felt whole

It was only then

When she would invite

The other half of herself

To come home

(Sadie always gave the very best

To Sadie).

Sadie’s Midlife Crisis 2

When Sadie was young

The letters PhD were written on her heart

By the thoughts she had

While she read those books

And how she dreamed

She might write one herself

She might come to help

So many years later

As Sadie watched another receive them

She remembered

And then she hoped

That after so many years

Of staring into just their eyes

She could give herself a piece of paper

And write those letters on it

But deep down Sadie knew

She hadn’t lived up to her potential


Maybe she was just different

Than what she thought she might be

After so many years

Sadie couldn’t put some letters on it

For she had chosen to live

In a place where letters didn’t say

In a sweet place where love is found

In the hum of a clothes dryer

And in soft high whole notes

As their voices called,


Sadie’s Disposition

Sadie saw Yes

Fall from clouds

And circle in

Dish washer

As it swirled

In her sink

Yes showered

Sadie’s shoulders

Until her skin shone

Warm and pink

And Yes came to dance


In the waves

As Sadie stood

In white sand


Knowing the sun

Would always be there for her

And a light breeze would always


To carry all of her dreams.


Acceptance and Love

Let my muse go silent

Cripple both my feet

And still

I will know you

For while I rejoice

When verse comes easy

And with breath

Hard and sure

Running up the hill

I will still find you

When I am

Surrounded by quiet


Sitting in this chair

And I will rejoice

As I remember

Hands slipping though water

Until they disappeared

Into life’s sweet gel

Or how

With words unspoken

Head immersed

Holding my breath

I felt your kiss

Sweeter than it had ever been.

If all that was left of her

If all that was left of her

Was the breath and tone

Of her sweet voice

Rising as

Nightingale in moonlight

Her kind strength

Her luminescent love

Will still guide

Even more brilliant

The deeper I ride

Into this night

For her body was but a cage

To her magnificence

She will always call

She will always shine her precious light.


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