Sadie’s Midlife Crisis 2

When Sadie was young

The letters PhD were written on her heart

By the thoughts she had

While she read those books

And how she dreamed

She might write one herself

She might come to help

So many years later

As Sadie watched another receive them

She remembered

And then she hoped

That after so many years

Of staring into just their eyes

She could give herself a piece of paper

And write those letters on it

But deep down Sadie knew

She hadn’t lived up to her potential


Maybe she was just different

Than what she thought she might be

After so many years

Sadie couldn’t put some letters on it

For she had chosen to live

In a place where letters didn’t say

In a sweet place where love is found

In the hum of a clothes dryer

And in soft high whole notes

As their voices called,


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