Love is a Choice

Dear One,

Love is a choice you make

In any moment

No matter what is going on

Outside of you

Love can be the only thing

You look out to see

With a few deep breaths in

Or a few whispered words,

Reaching out to hold my hand

Or wrapping your own arms

Around yourself

Love is a choice you  make

A choice to remember

The greatest thing present

In any circumstance

No matter what the push or pull

May seem to be

You can find the center.

Dear One,

Love is always a choice you can make.


For the Sake of Argument

For any unresolved disagreement,

Isn’t it possible

That both sides are being reasonable

But just waiting for the other side

To be reasonable as well

And isn’t it true

That there is an exception to any rule

So isn’t it possible

That if I abandon my position completely

And fully listen to what you have to tell me,

I might hear my position again

This time as an exception to your rule

Or even better yet,

After hearing your words

As purely as you say them,

Without any influence by my agenda,

I will finally be able to see

How reasonable you are

How your words in fact

Describe a view so differently

But so completely

Isn’t it possible

That I have been waiting to see the world

Exactly as you see it

Or maybe

We have both really been saying

The same thing all along

Isn’t is possible

That if I abandon position

We will finally be able to live

As if Love is all there is?

Moments of Connection

Having enjoyed the night before,

Having been closer than we had been for a while,

I woke up in a glow of such comfort and grace,

Put on the large bathrobe,

Made a cup of coffee,

And went to sit in a white wicker chair

On the balcony overlooking the sea

And as I sat in such satisfied quiet,

A small blond girl came out to sit

On the next balcony

She looked at me with open blue eyes,

And with the acceptance of youth,

She joined in my solitude

We were as one

Watching the grey morning fog land as dew

Our first morning sound would be

Her mother’s call from inside her room

And the only gesture ever between us

Would be our waves goodbye

Signifying our separation.


Sadie’s Party Invitation

Sadie sat before her soul

And took some long deep breaths

Then she looked across from herself

At the long red party dress

And the beautiful, tall, attractive woman

With long, flowing, brown hair

Sadie felt absolute admiration

As she looked at her soul

Seated in the other chair

But Sadie was not prepared

For what her soul had to say,

“What I came to tell you, Sadie,

Is that you are as beautiful as me

Just as you are, that way”

Well, Sadie had been hiding

The weight that she had gained

And many other small imperfections

Too many really than Sadie could name

And in all of Sadie’s hiding,

She had grown a little too small

To do what Sadie had come here for

So her soul had come to reinvite her to the ball

“Sadie, it is time to dance

I’m giving you the wonderful news

There is never anything about you to hide

You can do anything you choose

When I look at you, I see you sparkle

Everything about you is grand

It is time for you to go into the world

Do everything you have planned

Share everything about yourself

There is never anything about you to hide

Let’s go together and give of our self

This life is meant to be a magnificent time.”

Morning Prayer

Dear One,

Spend time this morning

To claim the beauty that is yours

This bright new morning

Birthed from underneath the stars

And such a sweet crescent moon

Like the openness of your heart

Let the love you have to share

Be as purely given

As this day’s fresh start.



Cherishing each step

On this journey

Cherishing each step

As if I walk in the heart of God

And while I walk

I watch the others

Walking by

Some come with such wisdom

I choose to follow their

Leading steps for a while,

And some,

Because of sweet affection,

I run to step beside

So I might hold their hand

For as long as I can

And then for some,

When I see searching eyes

I know that they have found me

So I stop

To stay and help for a while

I know, for me,

This will always be a solo journey

Guided by my heart

To know where and when

To take another step

And while sometimes

It will be time

To watch and walk alone

I always cherish that love call—


Take a step

To come to walk with you.




Seeing past the lie I told myself

Was taking a deep dive

Then coming to the surface

A breath so appreciated

It was like the first time

Lungs expanding

Fed with sugar breeze


Until my body lay warm

Moving on salt waves

Peace as

Such precious buoyancy

I gave myself

By seeing past the lie.


Photo of kelp forest by Nirupam Nigam

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