Sadie Forgets Her Inner Voice

Sadie was forgiving

She was open-minded

In fact Sadie was so accepting

She forgot about

Her own inner compass


Being swayed by

Any wind that came her way

She found herself


The completely wrong direction

Instead of being

“Laid Back Sadie”

Sadie had become

“Sadie With No Back”

So limp

Piled in a corner

Where all she could see

Was one white wall

Signifying her complete and utter


What had begun as

A well-meaning gift

Had become the path

To Sadie’s emptiness

While Sadie had been open

To what others had to say

She had forgotten

That small voice inside herself

That was also a strong guide

Until she faced the wall

In such a strange place–

The place of peace without any grace

Wishing for the warmth

Of what she knew was right

Sadie then remembered

To look toward her own light

For while Sadie liked to listen

To what others had to say

It was when Sadie listened to her self

That she would see a glistening day.


Every time

I call myself


Other than myself

(Or yourself)

It helps define

And takes away

Until I become

So defined by my labels

I could stand

A cardboard cut out

A photo of me

With all those words

Written on it

And what would be missing

Would be all the things

Not labeled

The parts of me

That are true

The parts of me

That are you

Give away my woman

Give away my white

Give away my mother

Give away my wife

Give away my heterosexual

Give away my INFJ

And what you have

Is what I would really

Like to say

I am–

A slow breath moving

In and out of these lungs

While a fire burns

Inside my heart

I am

Living to love

And be loved.


Sadie Answers Her Call

Sadie luxuriated

Just as a young girl

Who finds the perfect

Smooth, soft river stone

Runs her fingers across each

Sun kissed side

Before throwing her arm back

And in one gleaming arc

Releases that rock

To skip across the

Water’s sparkling surface

Before it finally falls

Ultimately free

In this way

Sadie threw herself

Back into her passion

Never to surface again

But to return

To her great purpose

Finally answering her call

Sadie felt born again.


For a moment

For a moment

Don’t let me

Lose my balance

Don’t let me

Fall forward or

Lean back

Let me be

Held in it

Let me be

Held in the warm arms

Of this moment

Let me be

In the sweet comfort

Of nowhere to go

Surrounded by love.