New Year’s Eve

In spite of her brilliance

The sweet moon did not know

It was the end of the year

She did not brighten her glow

Or don her best party cheer

She was caught unaware

She was not full

I had no reason to stare

She just kept moving

In the cycle that was hers

And for that,

I chose to celebrate

Her constancy,

Not years

I took my glass of champagne

And sat outside at ten

So I could watch the clouds cover her

Only to watch her light be born again and again

And this was the way I spent

A quiet New Year’s Eve night

Not with resolutions

But with watching the same sure nightly sight

Of the moon holding her pattern

Of the moon sharing her light

Of the moon who is never swayed

By another’s prescribed rite.


My New Year’s Prayer

As I close my eyes to 2014

May I see

Your sweet gaze in my dreams

And when I wake up to 2015

May the first thing I see

Be that same

So special light

Pouring out again toward me.



Reading Emily Dickinson

I feel

She grew up knowing

To write poetry as prayer

Head bent

Whispering her words

As they flew from

Gold gilded pen

All soft like angel breath

And as simple as a halo

Round and round

Her words lay

A path

To gleaming eternity.

When found

Emily’s work

Would certainly be read

And what could be more holy

Then to read

Head bent

Whispering her words

All soft like angel breath

Not as poetry

But as sweet shining prayer

Her words


To pour from my mouth instead!