In this Time of Loss

In this time of loss

May grace like roses spring

To hold its arms

As roses petals lie

To catch your morning tears

To hold them like glistening dew

Dear One,

Let your sadness

Fall on grace

Leave your tears

To glisten in God’s light

In this way telling all

Of what you have lost

(Let grace grow here

To hold your sadness

Until your grief may be done.)


How do I know if I am doing the right thing?

Dear One,

The moment you answer any true call

All fears that come and go

All obstacles that rise and retreat

Live still surrounded by the glow

Of the radiant light present on all good paths

In your struggles

There will also be calm

And hidden in your doubts

Will be sweet reassurances

So surprising

So sweet

That in any moment of unrest or uprising

You will only know joy.

Between One Moment and the Next

Between one moment

And the next

Is a space

Like the place

After the wave pulls back

And after the sea foam lands on the sand

To quickly disappear down into it

There is always a space

Between one moment

And the next

Like a wide open clear beach of possibility.