Sadie’s Faith

Having been raised

In those sort of circumstances

Sadie had certainly

Learned how to grab

On to an opportunity

And luxuriate

In the feel of angel flutter

Tickling across her neck

For Sadie knew

That feathery feel

When nurtured

Could turn into the warmth

Of those kind arms

Wrapping surely around her

Taking her to a sweet new path

Ever since Sadie remembered

She had been wired for change

Knowing the spark of God all around her

As she let him guide her through all of her days.

Sadie Opens to Joy

A circle of plants lined the walls

And the air around them

Came to hum with the energy of joy

When Sadie entered her fine kitchen

It could not be mistaken

For a feeling or a thought

For nothing she had felt or said

Created it

Joy had come to live in Sadie’s kitchen

As sure as the space between her breaths

So purely given

And as if to say

“There is nothing you could do or feel

That would frighten me away

For once you open to me

I’ll take away your fears

I’ll help you learn to trust

To always hold me near

For anything that happens

I will never be far away

I have come to fill your kitchen

I am joy

And I am here to stay.”

What Happens When

We all own our own boxes

We’ve packed it all in

But what of those perfect compartments

What happens when

For just a few moments

We stop to close our eyes

Or take a few breaths

Or watch a sunrise

Or hold our first child

What happens then

Do we really need  boxes

To pack those things in

Or can we let go

And be changed by the more

Can we open our boxes

Can we open the door

To a mystery that calls

To each of us then

Can we open our hearts

Can we learn to begin again

Can we reach for the stars

Can we invent a new way

Can we open our minds to a greater new day?