A Greater Call

Does every writer wonder

What if the words would disappear

And instead we lived in silence

With pure open space between our ears

Oh, to feel a feeling

That comes

Unattached to word

Does every writer wonder

What is left

Once we stop asking to be heard

And instead we open fully

To the mystery of it all

I wonder if to stop writing words

Might be

An answer to a greater call

To learn to live the silence

Without naming names

To learn to be in this world

Without playing any games

To learn to live without judgment

Without discerning taste

Does every writer wonder

Why don’t I let more words go to waste?


A woman who never finds herself beautiful

May look to find God in beautiful things

Until she recognizes that beauty so well

She finally comes to see it within…



Holding Presence

The best gift

I was ever given

Did not come wrapped in a bow

It could not be wrapped

For the best gift

Was a wide open space


By your presence

And the most loving words

I will ever hear–

“You can do it.”


Sadie’s Either Way

Sadie was spending her day

Trying to force her whole

From that double-edged sword

That had come

To be born inside her head

But despite all of her efforts

Sadie could not find

A soft circle in it

Only the two jabbing points

Of each choice that could be made

Taking slices of her away

And causing so much pain

So Sadie stopped to make some lists

To try to remember

Where her center had been

So that she might feel it

Just for the moment

It would take to pray

To sweet grace to come and join her

To help her discover a new diameter.

Celebrating Women’s Day

Close your eyes to see it

The bright glowing light of love

It shines in our hearts too

It is the reason we are living

The reason we have been given

Two hands soft enough to soothe any struggle

And two feet strong enough to carry the weight

Of all the hopes grown in this world

For it is in our voices

That they first come to hear the tone of liking them

And it is in our arms

That they first feel the warmth of so safe, there can never be harm.