Sadie’s Liberation

Sadie stood

Just as a tree would

Her arms raised up

As if to fill

With the light of God

For Sadie had been holding others

To her impossible expectations

For so long

That in this moment

She knew she had to let go

As Sadie stood

And caught the light

She also told herself things like

“He will never be this”

Or “she will never do that”

And in this way

Started to grieve

For each person Sadie

Let off of her hook

She felt a little lighter

Like she had just dropped a leaf

And when she finally fell


Of all of her expectations

Sadie felt somehow more free

Sadie was able to accept herself

Like a bird coming to rest

And sing

On one sweet branch of a tree


To bask alone in the sun,

Stripped naked,



When Loneliness Comes

(Even when supported

By the best human relationships

Loneliness may come)

Dear One,

Let loneliness remind—

The connection

Most real and pure

Can be always be found

In the silence

After you close your eyes

(I love you).


Embodied Prayer

There is no mosque here

No church bell tower

There are no temple steps

No sweat lodge fire

So let the wind call

So sweetly to prayer

Let the wind guide

My arms through the air

And take me in the sway

Of the kind plants and grass here

Let my body pray

As God’s breath

Plays in my hair

And I nod with gentle bows

Like the tall yucca flower

And rustle all my fingers

With that divine enlivening power.


Morning Prayer


Evening Prayer

Sadie’s Vacation

Sadie took some sweet time

To visit every space

She had fit into when she was small

And as she crawled into each one of them

She told herself

How her life had turned out

That as she had grown tall

Her heart had known how to change

(In place of that warm ache

Had grown softness like butter)

And then almost as if Sadie were her own mother

She lay her fingers to her cheeks

And felt the love pour over her own shoulders.

A Good Visit

The truth in any gathering

Lies between the give and take

Between the words and thoughtful looks

Between the laughter and every sigh or hiccup

The truth in any I meet you

Lies between the greeting and the good-bye hug

Between the ceiling and the rug

Between the shout and cry or shrug

The truth in any visit

Lies in what is created

From the so much more of the same

The truth is what lies

Between each breath and

Between each name.

The Gift of Love

Standing on the beach tonight


If it wasn’t for the gift of love

If it wasn’t for forgiveness

(And what comes after)

I would have never


Such sweet sparkling

Dot bursts of light

Riding each moving crest

Into the black

A nature firework

Of infinite magnitude

If it wasn’t for the gift of love

I would have never


Moonbeams on waves.