Sadie Goes Outside

For many years

Sadie thought

The world out there

Was somewhere

She could not fit into

And so she kept herself

To herself

And felt all alone

Until she came to understand

The kind of outside

She may be looking for

Might be made of

What she had been keeping

Inside herself

All locked up

So with a few brave moments

And a few wise people holding her hand

Sadie used a key to unlock

What would become her happiness

As she reached far down

To open each inner gift

One at a time

And even though they were dusty

When brought out into sweet air

Finally shared

Sadie’s gifts became

The beautiful

She had been looking for

With all her gifts let out

Now too


Belonged Sadie–

Where once she saw unacceptance

Sadie felt accepted

And where once she felt anger

Sadie saw the eyes of love

In so many different colors

So unexpected

So unexplainable

Sadie often walked around

With tears in her own eyes

(As she gave of her gifts

All the time

Never Alone

Finally outside).

Mother’s Day Prayer

May I love everything

Just as a mother holds her child to her chest.


Unconditional Love

Mothers know

Love given

Never leaves

But acts as ignition

Growing such sweet light

Within another

Mothers watch

Pink glow rising in their cheeks

As they hold them so closely in their arms

Mothers feel

The fullness in the rise and fall

Of two breaths become one.


Mother’s Day

While one may pick a needed rest

And another to spend the day with beauty

My guess is that many a mother would


When given a whole day to use

She would want to celebrate her worth

By taking some time

To remember the sweet promise

Found within another

For so much of what happens

In this world

Is always waiting for a mother

To take her time

And hold it close

And give a tender touch

A mother knows

That what ails this life

Can be healed by her love

I am not saying

She should not rest

Or have her time in beauty

I am just saying

That mother’s live

To protect all of our sacred duties

For what is more precious

Than each one of us

Brought into this life just to love

Mother’s know

It is a divine gift—

They have been entrusted with you from above

So when given this day to honor her

Remember also your worth

Your mother was given

All that she could ever want

Upon the day of your birth.


May Day Prayer

Oh, to be like a rose–

To ask for nothing,

To stand only to share my gifts,

To know such beauty, comfort and grace

while standing here,

To remind of the truth in what life gives

Like a light sweet smell on the wind

Like an open basket of color holding the dew.

may day