“We are the family that love built.” -Bethane Middleton-Brown

Many might say

It is biology that creates a family

Human beings tied together by common blood

But what happens when


A family is created simply out of love

What happens when it is love

That builds the bond

Does biology become secondary

Is it then that

Love still exists though blood is shed

That almost instantaneous

Hearts filled with love are willed to forgive

That even though a precious, precious family member

No longer lives



There is some peace and understanding.




When you feel like giving up

Remember the wide open space

Where the moon sits and smiles

The clouds flowing in front of her

Eclipsing her view

Be there and know

Every one of your dreams

Is about to come true.



What Happens When You Are Gone

What happens

When you are gone

And I can no longer feel

The soft of lying in your arms

And hear the warm, deep tone

To me

Your voice has always been

Like angel song

And your touch

The sweet relaxation of knowing

I am home

What happens

When you are gone

And I find that cool dark place

Of all alone

Will you come to me in a flash of light

Or through the notes in a kind pop song

Will I be patient enough

To see you in a flower

Or feel you

While I am holding another

Or will your soft

Come to flow inside my heart

And your warm

Grow underneath my skin

Will part of my life purpose be

To carry you forward

In his world

As me

After you are gone

Will I know how love,

As you,

May continue on?

(I love you.)