Sadie’s Secret

Sadie had heard

The urge

It said,

“Just let go”


Sadie wondered

What was so wrong

With hanging on

She felt her heart

And her arms

Had been made to do it

So just as she had cradled

Her babies

Sadie nursed her dreams

Shielding them

From the view

Of the rest of the world

As Sadie’s dreams

Took time

To suckle and grow

Others questioned

How Sadie could keep her

Eyes pin point

Staring ahead of herself

Sadie ignored

Almost everything

While seeming to bask

In motherly glow

While this confusion

Fell about Sadie

She knew

She had found her secret

For Sadie had learned

How to stay attached

To her dreams

Just as she had held her children


And so nourished

Through thick and through thin

Sadie held on to her dreams

So that they may blossom

Grow legs

And such a voice

She knew

One glorious day

Her dreams

Fully formed

Could walk into the world

Be heard

And be respected

(So when Sadie’s dreams

Were ready to leave her

Just as her children


They gave her one sweet nip

And were gone).

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