Could it be that God and Mother are one?

We cannot share death

We go into that space on our own.


We share birth so surely connected to another

Our mother is with us for our entrance into this world

Yet we cannot share death

It is our path to greet our death alone.


Or could it be that God and mother are as one?


That she gives us birth into this world

And when we are ready to leave the earth

God comes and takes our mother’s place

And joins with us like that chord from our belly to her womb.


Could it be that I will come to see his face

As I first saw my mother eyes

So softly held in her arms?


What will that warm, sweet milk taste like?


Where will be my next home?

Mother’s Day by Catherine Jordan Travis

As I have written here before, I am fortunate to have a few poems that I believe were penned by my grandmother, Catherine Jordan Travis.  One poem written in May 1933 seems to be  in honor of her mother whom she lost as a child.   In honor of all mothers, and women who are no longer on this earth, I appreciate being able to share her poem:

Mother’s Day

This day is Mother’s Day, and I

Go cherishing the memory

Of you.

So many times bright words I’ve sought

To be the medium of my thought

Of you.

So often have I longed to mold

Your tender mouth–the strength untold

In you.

A song I’ve made and tried to sing

That you should know my worshipping

Of you.

Perhaps the richest gift, and rare,

For me to bring would be a prayer

Of you.

I pray for God to make you aware

That your child’s love and faith endure

In you.

My wisp of muse is all too slight

To say, or paint, or sing the light

Of you.