How to Be with Unmet Needs

Dear One,

If you have to wave your arms

Furious in the air

To get your needs met

Fill your heart with love

And hold onto the stars instead

You can’t let go of your needs

But you can also hang onto that star

Trailing sparkling stardust

Showing just what your needs are

Now hold on for dear life

Be that solar flare

Or the comet racing by

Just don’t wave your arms

Furious in the air

(Do a fine dance through the sky

As the heavens come to open

And fall straight into your eyes)

Dear One

Your face will surely glow

As you get your needs met

God will always provide

God is your safety net

You never need to worry

Or wave precious arms in the air

You just need to know

What to trust

Then take yourself

Flying through the air.need

Sadie’s Stare

When Sadie was young

They taught her to smile

When she met someone

For Sadie had been born

With a look

Very serious

They worried that


Might think something

Was wrong

(Instead of what

Was really going on

That Sadie cherished

Deep thoughts

And what

She found to be important)

Instead of knowing

That in her own sweet way

Sadie would be giving

They worried that others

Wouldn’t like to be

Greeted by Sadie’s

Quiet, concerned stare

And so they told her

Over and over


When you meet them”

Then as Sadie would greet them

She would use so much energy

Pushing down her urge to stare

And remembering to make her lips curl

And her eyes twinkle

That she forgot

The very thing inside her

That gave her

Her special sparkle

(A love for all things


And all things personal)

Concentrating so hard

To act like the others

Sadie would awkwardly grin

As she lost her perfect ability

To find another’s pain within

Sadie put a happy look on her face

And kept it there

In a game so strange

Soon each “hello”

To someone new

Felt like a mission



And worse than this discomfort

Was a sad truth

That Sadie had forgotten

What she was born

To know was important–

That in every room

Would be someone

Who didn’t need smile

But a pair of deep eyes

To look into

So that they could

Share something

They had been waiting

To share

With just the right person–

The person who was born

With a  perfect,

Quiet, concerned stare.

What She Was Keeping Bottled Up


But not too much

For they may want a ripple

And I see you

You are about to erupt

To spew

All the love you have been keeping

Held close to your center

In that quiet covert cavern

All concealed

Corked up

They want you to change

But not too much

And you know

It will be an eruption

That nothing that was

Is safe

That everything will be covered

Not with thin sparkling stream

But as if there were a fury fire

Falling from the heavens

Keep it slow

Ease them into

What will be a catastrophic blow

(When she decides to change

To let it all go

There will not be a trickle

But an explosion).

Sadie’s Liberation

Sadie stood

Just as a tree would

Her arms raised up

As if to fill

With the light of God

For Sadie had been holding others

To her impossible expectations

For so long

That in this moment

She knew she had to let go

As Sadie stood

And caught the light

She also told herself things like

“He will never be this”

Or “she will never do that”

And in this way

Started to grieve

For each person Sadie

Let off of her hook

She felt a little lighter

Like she had just dropped a leaf

And when she finally fell


Of all of her expectations

Sadie felt somehow more free

Sadie was able to accept herself

Like a bird coming to rest

And sing

On one sweet branch of a tree


To bask alone in the sun,

Stripped naked,



Sadie Opens to Joy

A circle of plants lined the walls

And the air around them

Came to hum with the energy of joy

When Sadie entered her fine kitchen

It could not be mistaken

For a feeling or a thought

For nothing she had felt or said

Created it

Joy had come to live in Sadie’s kitchen

As sure as the space between her breaths

So purely given

And as if to say

“There is nothing you could do or feel

That would frighten me away

For once you open to me

I’ll take away your fears

I’ll help you learn to trust

To always hold me near

For anything that happens

I will never be far away

I have come to fill your kitchen

I am joy

And I am here to stay.”

What Happens When

We all own our own boxes

We’ve packed it all in

But what of those perfect compartments

What happens when

For just a few moments

We stop to close our eyes

Or take a few breaths

Or watch a sunrise

Or hold our first child

What happens then

Do we really need  boxes

To pack those things in

Or can we let go

And be changed by the more

Can we open our boxes

Can we open the door

To a mystery that calls

To each of us then

Can we open our hearts

Can we learn to begin again

Can we reach for the stars

Can we invent a new way

Can we open our minds to a greater new day?

In this Time of Loss

In this time of loss

May grace like roses spring

To hold its arms

As roses petals lie

To catch your morning tears

To hold them like glistening dew

Dear One,

Let your sadness

Fall on grace

Leave your tears

To glisten in God’s light

In this way telling all

Of what you have lost

(Let grace grow here

To hold your sadness

Until your grief may be done.)


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