In this Time of Loss

In this time of loss

May grace like roses spring

To hold its arms

As roses petals lie

To catch your morning tears

To hold them like glistening dew

Dear One,

Let your sadness

Fall on grace

Leave your tears

To glisten in God’s light

In this way telling all

Of what you have lost

(Let grace grow here

To hold your sadness

Until your grief may be done.)


Acceptance and Love

Let my muse go silent

Cripple both my feet

And still

I will know you

For while I rejoice

When verse comes easy

And with breath

Hard and sure

Running up the hill

I will still find you

When I am

Surrounded by quiet


Sitting in this chair

And I will rejoice

As I remember

Hands slipping though water

Until they disappeared

Into life’s sweet gel

Or how

With words unspoken

Head immersed

Holding my breath

I felt your kiss

Sweeter than it had ever been.

If all that was left of her

If all that was left of her

Was the breath and tone

Of her sweet voice

Rising as

Nightingale in moonlight

Her kind strength

Her luminescent love

Will still guide

Even more brilliant

The deeper I ride

Into this night

For her body was but a cage

To her magnificence

She will always call

She will always shine her precious light.




Surely, sweetly gave of him

As he basked in her pleasure

He opened of himself so wide

He let her light spring from his eyes

And flow in his voice

Until his words would write sparkling joy

Over so many hearts

One might imagine

That if he ever found himself with dark

He might miss her so much

He would have to close

Until she could come back

To bring him her kind spark.



There is no end (to Love)

There is no end

It is all a continuation of the same, that is love

Do not grieve for the loss of any day

For that day returns over and over again in the light that falls through the trees and lands light shadows in your hair

Do not grieve for any touch but go and find it

The touch you yearn for is always there

Hear it in bird call

Know it in your breath

Sweet, soft, sure

Love is always here.


Today Upon Losing Maya

Feeling an exquisite call–

One woman’s words


As others had heard them

And as each

Gave her stories

Their perfect twists

We were all brought home


(Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

We love you, Maya Angelou!)


This evening

Standing before this beauty

Watching the sun fall

I feel a deep pull in my gut—

It was not a simple leaving

And now,

One year later,

I feel like I am still watching her go.


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