Sadie and the Divine Feminine

Sadie spent time

Watching others use their building blocks

To climb

One piece of colored wood above the next

Clear lines


And even though she admired

Their smarts and their faith

She knew she would not join them

For Sadie could build only when the wind told her

Using blocks of wildflower

And bird call

Like a light from above

Told Sadie when

It was time to love

Or when she could finally sleep

(Sadie knew

She had been born

With no strength to climb

And the kind of reason

Like whispers from the clouds

And a song for every season.)

New Year’s Eve

In spite of her brilliance

The sweet moon did not know

It was the end of the year

She did not brighten her glow

Or don her best party cheer

She was caught unaware

She was not full

I had no reason to stare

She just kept moving

In the cycle that was hers

And for that,

I chose to celebrate

Her constancy,

Not years

I took my glass of champagne

And sat outside at ten

So I could watch the clouds cover her

Only to watch her light be born again and again

And this was the way I spent

A quiet New Year’s Eve night

Not with resolutions

But with watching the same sure nightly sight

Of the moon holding her pattern

Of the moon sharing her light

Of the moon who is never swayed

By another’s prescribed rite.


A Sweet Reminder

You left me this morning

Skipping off to school

And turned back toward me

One more time

To give me a wave

And the most happy smile

You reminded me how

Earlier this morning

The ducklings had moved

Skimming across the lagoon

Dunking their heads

Down into the muck

Then rising those sparkling beaks

Up to the sun

There is so much Joy

Just in living

(No need to worry about outcome)

You live

Just to skip off to school

As those ducks live

Just to move,

To eat,

And to be warmed by the sun.


Sadie’s New Thoughts

Sadie grew by seeing her Love’s flower

Watching it bloom

Each day revealing a new twist in the stem

Or a new rise in one of the petals

Until bubbling up in Sadie’s mind

Came a fresh new thought

As unique in color and in smell

As this rose

At this time

In this sweet sun’s light.



What is Held in the Banyan

And if I could have any wish

My wish that day would be

For the vines to wrap around my chest

That day I stood under the banyan

For if I could have been held in it

Maybe I could stay

Instead of getting just a glimpse of it

Of what is held in the banyan

The depth of green

The quiet in sound

The beauty of her pattern

Breaking up

Yet flowing free

Eternity is held in the banyan.


Let Love Unfold

Dear One,

Let love unfold

Like spring unfolds

In gentle tendrils

Sweet yucca churning up

With soft white blossom

And ivy sprigs

Unfurling as they flower.



The Morning after Her Eclipse


Her face filled

Blood red

Until the Morning

When she shone

With more gold

Than in any day

And so the birds

Arose early


Singing their sweet, light notes

As every other soul

Came to wake up

And so it was

That cheek by cheek

The world began to glow

With her new-found freedom.



Photo taken this morning after the blood-red moon eclipse.

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