Sadie and the Divine Feminine

Sadie spent time

Watching others use their building blocks

To climb

One piece of colored wood above the next

Clear lines


And even though she admired

Their smarts and their faith

She knew she would not join them

For Sadie could build only when the wind told her

Using blocks of wildflower

And bird call

Like a light from above

Told Sadie when

It was time to love

Or when she could finally sleep

(Sadie knew

She had been born

With no strength to climb

And the kind of reason

Like whispers from the clouds

And a song for every season.)

Sadie’s Rocking Chair

As Sadie grew

She saw God in trees

And then

When Sadie was old enough to work

She found God in faces

That was,

Until mid-life

When the faces grew dark

And Sadie had long forgotten

Light seen in trees

At mid-life,

Sadie would find God again

By falling to her knees

So it wasn’t

Until her hair turned grey

And she could no longer

Get down on her knees to pray

That it was God

Who went looking

For Sadie

(And God found her

Right there

God found Sadie

Sitting with all

Sadie ever really needed

For all Sadie ever really needed

Was Sadie

Right there

Sitting alone

In her own perfect rocking chair.)

The Risk in Sacrifice

Dear One,

Try not to choose

Against your soul wish

For every time you do

A small piece of regret

May fall to live inside you

May find a spot

Way down

Close to your heart

Where it can only grow

To push against

Pure heart beating

Dear One,

Try not to choose

Against your soul wish

For regret may come to live

Regret may limit

All the love you have to give


Dear One,

Any time you have

A sweet choice to make

Take a deep breath in

Feel  pure heart beating

Then remember your soul

Remember the reason you are here

Know the reason you are living

Dear One,

Whenever you have

A sweet choice to make

Breathe, feel and remember

Then do what it is that

Your soul knows is right

(Keep your brave heart


Wildly beating)!

Sadie’s Stare

When Sadie was young

They taught her to smile

When she met someone

For Sadie had been born

With a look

Very serious

They worried that


Might think something

Was wrong

(Instead of what

Was really going on

That Sadie cherished

Deep thoughts

And what

She found to be important)

Instead of knowing

That in her own sweet way

Sadie would be giving

They worried that others

Wouldn’t like to be

Greeted by Sadie’s

Quiet, concerned stare

And so they told her

Over and over


When you meet them”

Then as Sadie would greet them

She would use so much energy

Pushing down her urge to stare

And remembering to make her lips curl

And her eyes twinkle

That she forgot

The very thing inside her

That gave her

Her special sparkle

(A love for all things


And all things personal)

Concentrating so hard

To act like the others

Sadie would awkwardly grin

As she lost her perfect ability

To find another’s pain within

Sadie put a happy look on her face

And kept it there

In a game so strange

Soon each “hello”

To someone new

Felt like a mission



And worse than this discomfort

Was a sad truth

That Sadie had forgotten

What she was born

To know was important–

That in every room

Would be someone

Who didn’t need smile

But a pair of deep eyes

To look into

So that they could

Share something

They had been waiting

To share

With just the right person–

The person who was born

With a  perfect,

Quiet, concerned stare.

Sadie Learns to Listen

Sadie was finally getting the

Hang of it—

She would never ask a question

Without grabbing that big stick

With the equally big net

Attached to its end

So that when she would stand

Face to face

Across from her friend

She could hear the answer

As words in the air

But also use her big net to snare

All the rest of the environment

Swirling around them

So as Sadie was engaged

She listened to the sound

And used her net

To make sure and catch

Every other vibration and tickle

Just like they were clues

Pieces of a puzzle

That just one question could create

For it wasn’t only what

Sadie was asking

But what her friend was waiting to hear

And what he needed

To get off his chest

So Sadie finally learned to

Take great care with her net

She treated every question

Like it was a test

What could her friend be hearing

And what was the reason

And the hope

In the answer that he gave

For while Sadie may have had a question

Her friend had the world of his own to tell

That if Sadie spent her time

Just hearing the answer

She had been looking for

She might miss

Swirling in the sentence her friend gave her

The angels and the dreams

That were so waiting to give

And this is how Sadie wanted to live

With all the possibility of love

Caught and revealed

In her big net

She learned to cast from above.

What She Was Keeping Bottled Up


But not too much

For they may want a ripple

And I see you

You are about to erupt

To spew

All the love you have been keeping

Held close to your center

In that quiet covert cavern

All concealed

Corked up

They want you to change

But not too much

And you know

It will be an eruption

That nothing that was

Is safe

That everything will be covered

Not with thin sparkling stream

But as if there were a fury fire

Falling from the heavens

Keep it slow

Ease them into

What will be a catastrophic blow

(When she decides to change

To let it all go

There will not be a trickle

But an explosion).

Celebrating Women’s Day

Close your eyes to see it

The bright glowing light of love

It shines in our hearts too

It is the reason we are living

The reason we have been given

Two hands soft enough to soothe any struggle

And two feet strong enough to carry the weight

Of all the hopes grown in this world

For it is in our voices

That they first come to hear the tone of liking them

And it is in our arms

That they first feel the warmth of so safe, there can never be harm.


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