Gratitude Prayer

I have been fortunate

Light has played for me

In my ears

As gentle bird song

And across my eyes

As sunrise and sunset


It seems it would be easy to forget

That light doesn’t always come to play

That a day may grow so dark

I will begin to wonder

If even

One spark of yellow flame

Will be left for me to

Warm my cold heart under

And so,

Each time I praise the light

May I never forget to also see

The way darkness falls around my home

Just like storm clouds come to live

Out over the sea

And may I vow to use this day

For precious healing

Of any wound I find aching

In this place

And may I continue to use my voice

In precious gratitude

For the light

As bird call and

sunrise and sunset

(The sweetest gifts always come to play

By Grace!)


How to Be with Unmet Needs

Dear One,

If you have to wave your arms

Furious in the air

To get your needs met

Fill your heart with love

And hold onto the stars instead

You can’t let go of your needs

But you can also hang onto that star

Trailing sparkling stardust

Showing just what your needs are

Now hold on for dear life

Be that solar flare

Or the comet racing by

Just don’t wave your arms

Furious in the air

(Do a fine dance through the sky

As the heavens come to open

And fall straight into your eyes)

Dear One

Your face will surely glow

As you get your needs met

God will always provide

God is your safety net

You never need to worry

Or wave precious arms in the air

You just need to know

What to trust

Then take yourself

Flying through the air.need

A Marriage Prayer

Take care to

Build your union


A gentle,

Wide open scaffold

So that it may hold

And protect your love

Until your bodies

And your minds

Come to pour

Like honeycomb


Golden thick

And sticking onto

All the life

That surrounds

Use your marriage

To harbor love

Like honey between you

Until that glue



Oozes in such sweet

That it can be used

To infuse

So much more good

Into this world

(This year

And all others,

May our marriage

Grow our love

So that we may

Give more love to others




In this Time of Loss

In this time of loss

May grace like roses spring

To hold its arms

As roses petals lie

To catch your morning tears

To hold them like glistening dew

Dear One,

Let your sadness

Fall on grace

Leave your tears

To glisten in God’s light

In this way telling all

Of what you have lost

(Let grace grow here

To hold your sadness

Until your grief may be done.)


Morning Prayer

Dear One,

Spend time this morning

To claim the beauty that is yours

This bright new morning

Birthed from underneath the stars

And such a sweet crescent moon

Like the openness of your heart

Let the love you have to share

Be as purely given

As this day’s fresh start.



Anything I cannot be grateful for in this moment

I know I must accept

For God is too great to make mistakes

And it usually takes me a few moments to catch up

To that kind of thinking

To that kind of amazing intelligence

And so until I understand

(And even if I never do)

I will be grateful for all things

Except the things I cannot

And for those things

I accept

(And I pray).