Anything I cannot be grateful for in this moment

I know I must accept

For God is too great to make mistakes

And it usually takes me a few moments to catch up

To that kind of thinking

To that kind of amazing intelligence

And so until I understand

(And even if I never do)

I will be grateful for all things

Except the things I cannot

And for those things

I accept

(And I pray).


Channel of Grace

Out of silence

May come

The most welcome words

Not of sweet breath

But of wisdom woven

Through a thought

So foreign

So light

That it could not have been said

A thought here,


Given to perceive

And hold onto

Until it grows

So heavy with breath

The words are finally found

To share.


Sadie’s Disposition

Sadie saw Yes

Fall from clouds

And circle in

Dish washer

As it swirled

In her sink

Yes showered

Sadie’s shoulders

Until her skin shone

Warm and pink

And Yes came to dance


In the waves

As Sadie stood

In white sand


Knowing the sun

Would always be there for her

And a light breeze would always


To carry all of her dreams.



Does it make a difference

To hold it for a lifetime

Or to embrace it for a moment

If in that moment

Eyes wide open

You ready to remember

As it fills your ears

And kisses every inch

Of your sweet skin

In one moment

Hearts can learn to open

To a lifetime of

Letting everything

Absolutely everything in.


Sadie’s Evening Meditation

As Sadie sat

She dreamed of angel kisses

Falling light on her shoulders

And all around her neck

Such fluttering grace

As Sadie opened into the sweet place

She had come from

(With her eyes held shut

Sadie knew without hesitation–

She was Home).



My candle burns as steadfast as the moon

As I close my eyes to claim my resting place

Time spent in this old straight-backed oak chair

Pushed up against a silent wall inside our kitchen

The smile always comes with the return

When I open my eyes and see my candle for a candle

(For it is only then that I truly come to realize

To what a sweet, safe place I have surely been).


Sadie’s Happy New Year

Sadie had toasted

Until it was dawn

Then left the flute

Half full by her bed

So after one of

The best sleeps

In her lifetime

She woke up

Eyes level to that glass–

There were no more bubbles

But the color was so golden

Sadie immediately smiled

For it was then

That Sadie knew

Her glowing new year’s intention–

To begin every day

Exactly that way

With another toast

And a cheers

To a sparkling, grand, perfect new year.

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